Responsible Gaming

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Promoting responsible gaming is an important part of Caesars Entertainment culture and heritage. It is the foundation of our company's Code of Commitment, the set of principles that governs how we do business. Our position is simple and unequivocal: If a customer plays at a Caesars Entertainment casino for any reason other than the fun of it, that customer is playing for the wrong reason. We don't want people who don't gamble responsibly to play at our casinos, or at any casinos.

The vast majority of adults who choose to gamble do so responsibly. They budget the amount of time and money that they plan to spend, and they stick to those budgets. Serious current gambling problems are confined to approximately one percent of the adult population, a figure that is relatively unaffected by the availability of casino gambling.

While gambling problems are rare, for the problem gambler and his or her family the consequences can be serious. That is why Caesars Entertainment has historically taken this issue so seriously. In the 1980s, Caesars Entertainment became the first casino company to recognize and operationally address problem gambling. In recognition of our leadership, we received the first corporate award ever bestowed by the National Council on Problem Gambling, the leading national non-government organization on problem gambling in the United States. Our pioneering efforts led to many important initiatives that have been adopted by the entire casino industry. Caesars initiatives include:

  • Placing the helpline number on all of our print advertising and marketing collateral.
  • Restricting the placement and content of our ads and other marketing materials.
  • Permitting individuals to request to be taken off mailing lists, to be denied check-cashing privileges, and to be denied casino play privileges.
  • Providing responsible gaming training for all employees, including specialized training for Responsible Gaming Ambassadors who are empowered to discuss our concerns about responsible gaming with customers.
  • Supporting the work of non-government organizations to improve awareness of problem gambling and to ensure the availability of problem gambling services.
  • Supporting independent scientific research on pathological and youth gambling, and independent evaluation of our own programs' effectiveness.
  • Creating the first national toll free helpline for people in the United States who experience gambling problems.
  • Launching the U.S. casino industry's first broadcast advertising campaign to promote responsible gaming and increase utilization of problem gambling services.

We continue to look for meaningful ways to promote responsible gaming wherever we are privileged to do business. For more information visit Caesars Entertainment's Commitment to Responsible Gaming.

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