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Behind the doors at Qua Baths & Spa, an elevated spa experience like no other awaits you. Caesars Palace’s renowned sanctuary garnered numerous awards since its 2007 opening and has been ranked 28th in Conde Nast Traveler's 2013 Reader's Poll of the top 100 Resort Spas in the United States. With its retreat-like feel, unmatched amenities, and a more holistic approach to spa-ing, the experience at Qua is an all-encompassing ride to relaxation.

Envelop yourself in Qua’s sprawling, 50,000-square-foot spa grounds that includes a Laconium Room and Crystal Body Art Room. Three Roman baths use the ancient healing powers of water, while the snowing Arctic Ice Room is the only one of its kind in the world.

Playing off its water motif, cooling blue tones, slate and stone set the mood as you explore Qua’s many amenities or retreat to a chair in the Tea Room complete with Tea Sommelier.

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Qua Baths & Spa recieved the following awards in 2014:

  • Condé Nast Traveler - Top 50 U.S. Resort Spas
  • Las Vegas Review Journal - Best Spa
  • Trip Advisor - Certificate of Excellence   
  • The Southern Nevada Hotel - Best Spa Concierge Association        


  • Couples: Twin Souls
  • Solo Journey: Fiji Ritual and Hydratherapy Facial
  • Parties and groups: Nobu Nagomi Ritual


  • Only spa in the world with official Nobu brand treatments
  • Seasonal treatments complement popular holidays
  • Add on the crystal-free diamond tip microdermabrasion to facials
  • Snowfall in the Arctic Ice Room




FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH 50 mins - $200

During this traditional Shirodhara treatment, warm, healing botanical oils are slowly poured onto the "third eye" chakra, awakening the seat of intuition. The oils are then massaged into your hair and scalp, followed by energy work to fully balance your chakras, and you leave this Las Vegas spa feeling youthful and relaxed.

HAWAIIAN LOMI-LOMI 80 min - $270

Lomi-lomi is a rich, authentic experience of the spirit of Hawaiian Healing. It is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit. It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful, yet gentle, giving immediate and long-term results. Lomi-lomi symbolically means to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual. Each Las Vegas massage Artisan at Caesars Palace has been fully trained by Dr. Maka'ala Yates, a renowned Hawaiian medicine specialist.


Our popular stone massage at QUA Baths & Spa incorporates in-house custom blended aromatherapy and basalt volcanic rocks hand selected for their ability to transfer heat and diffuse therapeutic precious essential oils into the air. Smooth miniature basalt stones are carefully placed between your toes, while refreshing arctic pebbles relax the face and compliment the journey leaving you perfectly balanced and tension free, from head to toe.

THAI MASSAGE 80 min - $270

The traditional Thai massage at our Las Vegas spa uses techniques practiced for 2,500 years. Las Vegas massage Artisans begin with continuous choreographed movements to elongate and release the body. Benefits include increased circulation, improved flexibility, relieved joint tension, mental clarity, energy and general well-being. This massage at Caesars Palace is enjoyed wearing loose clothing, and without oils or lotions.

CLASSIC MASSAGE 50/80 min - $180/$240

Spa Artisans use Swedish techniques during this popular full-body massage at QUA Baths & Spa intended to relax your entire body and improve circulation. From our Artisan's palette, select an Epicuren?? massage lotion to suit your mood. Succumb to the sensual indulgence of luscious vanilla, lavender, coconut, lemongrass, orange blossom, rosemary or papaya-pineapple.

DEEP TISSUE SURRENDER 50/80 min - $200/$260

Surrender to our Las Vegas spa as slow, deliberate massage techniques using elbows, forearms and knuckles relieve tightness from the overuse and tension of muscles. Deep tissue is popular among athletes and frequent massage goers, who prefer a firm touch to a gentle one.

SPORTS MASSAGE 50/80 min - $200/$270

This therapeutic full-body massage at Caesars Palace uses a pain relieving topical cooling gel to soothe areas of tight, painful muscles and joints. This massage is especially beneficial for clients suffering from muscle tension, fibromyalgia and chronic over-use injuries. You will be left feeling healthy, invigorated and stress-free.

SHIATSU 50 min - $200

Literally translated from Japanese as "finger pressure," Shiatsu is a pressure point massage given without massage oil. Thumb, finger and palm pressure is used on traditional acupuncture meridians to open blockages, relieve aches and soreness and restore balance in the body. This Las Vegas massage is even believed to correct imbalances and heal illness.


Relieve your stress and tension with this popular foot massage at QUA Baths & Spa that accesses "reflex" points on your feet that connect to every part of the body. You will receive a foot massage using ancient Chinese methods. By pressing and releasing on reflex points on your foot, your body???s own natural healing process is stimulated resulting in melting away stress, reducing toxicity, reestablishing energy flow, and boosting your overall vitality. This is a wonderful addition to any treatment at our Las Vegas spa.


Enjoy the relaxing and unifying signature QUA scent infused into your precious oils during our Signature Stone Massage specially intended for two. QUA has designed a signature stone sequence that pays special attention to the subtle body chakras, aligning energy centers and restoring body integrity. Warm stones leave you and your loved one feeling fully relaxed and relieved of tension and stress, the perfect way to experience Caesars Palace!


Sleep is restorative and one of the key means for optimizing your health. Free your mind and let your body be indulged with the combination of chamomile, sandalwood and vetivert essential oils as they are rhythmically placed on the body to induce a serious state of relaxation leaving you prepared for a sound night’s sleep.

MASSAGE UPGRADE 20 min - $100

TWIN SOULS 80 min - $550

LOMI LOMI FOR TWO 90 min - $550

PRENATAL MASSAGE 50 min - $180

HYDRATHERAPY FACIAL 50/80 min - $265/$365

Turn back the hands of time with this high-tech facial at QUA Baths & Spa. While simultaneously bathing the underlying skin with specially developed anti-aging and vitamin serums, Artisans will also deeply exfoliate and hydrate your skin to give it a youthful luster. By adding the Diamond Tip Abrasion (crystal-free microdermabrasion) to your facial, you will plump up fine lines and stimulate the collagen, leaving your skin simply radiant. For all skin types.


Give your skin a Las Vegas facial treat. A crystal-free microdermabrasion gently whisks away dead cells, while leaving your true skin soft and supple. You will see fine lines plump and stimulate collagen production, leaving you with a simply radiant glow that will last for weeks after you leave Caesars Palace.


Full array of face and body waxing treatments available


Reduce the telltale signs of aging with this gentlemen's facial. With Vitamin C and Vitamin A to help aid in repairing cell damage, your skin will show an immediate improvement in tone and firmness. You will look and feel revitalized while our skilled Artisans smooth away stress and fine lines, leaving you relaxed and ready to put your best face forward.

BACK OPTIMIZER 50 min - $190

At Caesars Palace we've got your back covered. This treatment targets the most neglected part of your body - your back. Using facial products that are customized to accommodate your skin type, including acne, we will cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.


A relaxing anti-aging treatment for areas that show the signs of aging most: face, neck, decolletage and hands. This results-oriented treatment will reduce tension and stress levels as well as brighten and even your overall skin tone. The synergetic effects of detoxification, massage, lifting techniques and increased circulation will leave your skin with a natural lift and smoother lines.


Indulge in the ultimate art of customization with a facial designed for you and only you. Allow the expertise of your Artisan to professionally and intuitively design the optimal experience for your specific needs. With a simple interactive assessment and consultation, your personalized treatment will be created from a plethora of the most luxurious products and therapies in the world. Selecting the Custom Facial removes the guesswork from your reservation process and maximizes your therapy in the treatment room. Our comprehensive repertoire includes favorites such as collagen, oxygenating, firming, rosacea and optimum hydration, as well as the latest and most innovative offerings. Your highly trained professional creatively works with a palette of knowledge, experience and products for a unique and more radiant you.


Tantalize your senses and revitalize your skin as we bring the world of essential oils to your customized facial experience. Feel tension melt away as your choice of all natural, hand-blended oils are massaged and spritzed. Then allow one of our highly trained Artisans to treat and lift your skin using the ancient art of jade rolling and sealing in this truly unique and blissful experience.


This full-body treatment is reserved for those who demand the best in anti-aging science in skincare. Clinically tested and endorsed by the pharmaceutical and medical industry, this technologically enhanced antioxidant and formulated vitamin/AHA complex improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun-damages skin. Protects against environmental free radicals with an effective face and body treatment for anti-aging correction and take your skin to the next level. This ultimate experience delivers multi-layer skincare therapy for dehydrated, dry, sun-damaged or devitalized skin.


Enhance your facial experience with any number of our Technology Boosters and Optimizing Skin Boosters available. Please consult with your Facial Artisan at the time of your treatment

MORNING DEW 80 min - $240

This Las Vegas spa treatment at QUA Baths & Spa is designed to tantalize your senses. Gentle exfoliation performed with a facial-quality Microderm body scrub is followed by a rosemary mist, nourishing and hydrating the skin like early morning dew in an herbal garden. After a relaxing rosemary massage, you'll feel rejuvenated, mentally clear and refreshed.

FIJI RITUAL 80 min - $240

In this Las Vegas spa treatment at Caesars Palace, your ritual begins with a deep pore-cleansing exfoliation using a coconut creme scrub, followed by a relaxing wrap and scalp treatment with coconut oil. You are then painted with coconut body butter to promote hydration, nourishing and repairing damage to the deepest layers of your skin.


Far East Frankincense and Myrrh trees are as precious as an Oasis in the desert. Revered in ancient Egypt for their benefits of hydration and youthful skin preservation, these sacred oils were only available to the most regal and royal. QUA has obtained the finest essential oil resins to completely envelop you in this aromatherapy full body wrap; leaving you feeling hydrated, silky smooth, and aromatically intoxicated. Your comprehensive journey includes an exfoliant Champagne grape seed scrub, sea enzymes, and a final moisturizer of muscle relaxing lemongrass lotion.

CHAI TEA MUD MASK 80 min - $240

We begin this Las Vegas spa treatment by gently invigorating your skin with our grape seed body scrub, preparing it to receive our mud mask containing organic clay, which is naturally high in colloidal minerals and combined with the aromatic spices of chai tea. Designed to increase circulation, the applied mask air-dries on the body to re-mineralize and naturally detoxify. After temperate body compresses melt and remove the chai tea mud, rich vanilla bean lotion deeply moisturizes and hydrates for healthy, youthful skin. Inquire with the Caesars Palace Spa Concierge about adding a 30-minute massage to this treatment.


This all-natural holistic body contour wrap encourages cellulite loss. The wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials trapped in vulnerable fat cells. Experience more nourished and contoured skin on the soft areas of your body with this Vegas spa treatment at QUA Baths & Spa.

HERBAL WRAP 80 min - $240

Enjoy the healing benefits of detoxification and hydration with an invigorating salt scrub containing sunflower oil. To help extract toxins, a warm herbal body mask containing rosemary, peppermint and red and white clay is applied. Wrapped in warm steam towels, relax with a Tibetan foot massage. QUA wet rooms are fully equipped with seven Vichy shower heads for a thorough rinse prior to an application of detoxifying body oil.

SAND & FOAM 50 mins - $170

Ease into this Las Vegas spa treatment as a drizzle of milk foam caresses and prepares your skin. Then a Pure Fiji scented creme scrub exfoliates dull unwanted skin. Both sand and foam are rinsed with multiple Vichy shower heads hovering directly above your body, keeping you warm at all times. Exotic scented hydrating lotion melts on your warm skin for a finishing touch at this QUA Baths & Spa treatment.

DANCING WATERS 20 mins - $120

Seven Vichy shower heads perform a water dance on the seven sacred body chakras to balance the body systems and surrender the mind into a state of relaxation. A fresh citrus and herbal scrub with varying granules gently removes the top two layers of the epidermis without scratching the skin. Moisturizing papaya-pineapple enzymes work naturally to smooth and soften the skin layers, leaving you feeling fresh as waterfall mist.

MOJAVE RAIN FOR TWO 80 min - $500

Indulge in the ultimate aromatherapy experience at Caesars Palace as nine carefully selected essential oils are layered into your bodies in sequence. Using the world's purest oils and a technique that engages your body's internal systems, this Las Vegas spa treatment will transport you into hypnotic bliss and unite your souls. Essential oils balance your body, mind and spirit, promoting detoxification, releasing stress and connecting each of you with the higher mind.

LOMI LOMI FOR TWO 90 mins - $550

Ease into this Hawaiian healing ritual with a fragrant cr??me scrub reminiscent of an island breeze. Your body will be smoothed and rinsed in the couple's specialty shower. Our Lomi artisans work to relax the mind and body in this QUA Baths & Spa treatment by creating a mutually euphoric mood of balance, peace, and spiritual connection.

TWIN SOULS 80 mins - $550

Celebrate the art of love and feel more balanced and connected to your soul mate; as you enjoy this custom Las Vegas spa treatment that includes a body massage experience side by side in your own private suite at QUA Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. You will begin by creating a special gift for each other, followed by a body scrub and massage using oils that you and your special someone choose to transport yourself into romantic bliss. This treatment includes breathe work and a use of the "goddess of Willendorf" who brings fertility and abundance into your relationship.

MOTHER NURTURE 80 mins - $230

Nurture you and your little bundle of joy with this relaxing and invigorating treatment using a customized pregnancy pillow that supports your belly and allows you to comfortably rest. It starts with a body gommage to smooth skin tone and feel. A moisturizing massage using ingredients that tightens the skin leave you feeling refreshed. This treatment helps to prevent signs of stressed or taut skin. A QUA Baths & Spa foot treatment using a tri crystal stone increases energy and helps balance water in the body. This experience is reserved for your second and third trimester.


Our in-house Master Barber performs traditional barber-style hot lather shaves, hot towel facials, haircuts and other hair services just for men.


Following a delicate citrus-kombucha body wash, an almond-orange fruit and nut scrub cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Vichy shower streams warmed-to-perfection heat the body while you enjoy a scented coconut-argan oil scalp massage. Your warm, polished skin will melt the final application of body butter containing grape stem cell, white tea and seaweed, leaving you fresh and silky smooth.

SIGNATURE HOURGLASS TREATMENT 60/120/180 mins - $250/$450/$650

Turn the hourglass and select facial and body treatments custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our talented Las Vegas spa Artisans create a personalized signature experience at QUA Baths & Spa combining facials, body treatments, hot stones, aromatherapy, chakra balancing and energy work.

MYSTIC JOURNEY 80 min - $300

This is an astonishing body/facial ritual that includes our finest experiences beginning with a warm coconut-argan oil application along the spine, and followed by a ginger lime sugar scrub. A body oil application follows your scrub, and you are gently wrapped in a blanket of warm towels while you experience your facial and scalp massage. Our restorative Caesars Palace spa facial will stimulate the essential functions of your skin and repair cell damage.

AURA-SOMA SYNERGY 135 mins - $400

Aura-Soma color care will help reconnect you with your inner self and access ones well-being and potential. The vibrant dual colors in the bottles are powerful tools containing living energies that become the mirror to the soul. You are the colors you choose. A 60-minute consultation from our Aura-Soma certified practitioner invites you into a journey of self-discovery bringing clarity, direction, and a feeling of peace. Select four-equilibrium bottles to further help in the process of identifying your gifts and talents, what holds you back and what motivates you. Following your consultation, select your favorite equilibrium bottle and allow our artisan to customize your 75-minute massage combining Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Cranial Sacral techniques to cleanse your aura and establish energetic balance. Your signature experience at QUA Baths & Spa will conclude with the healing power of light therapy. We invite you to continue your journey of self-discovery with a special take home gift when you leave our Caesars Palace spa.


Treat yourself to an energy pick-me-up at our Las Vegas spa. Choose a colored equilibrium bottle that supports your present being. The room will be transformed utilizing an Aura-Soma air conditioner and a change of color lighting will instantly cleanse the energy around you and aid into relaxation. A 60 minute massage ending with a light energetic touch is performed using an Aura-Soma pomander and color essence to help support the closing of your experience.


Chakras are our energy centers. Our customized chakra balancing treatment uses energy work and warm oils to relax your physical body and align your chakras. This amazing treatment concludes with a special gift - a chakra necklace. Your Body Artist will carefully select a stone charm necklace as your departing keepsake of your visit to the Caesars Palace spa.


Your body is cleansed under the Vichy shower, treated to a Signature QUA Scrub and then receives a light lotion application. You'll visit our exquisite QUA Crystal Body Art Room for a personalized consultation on the location and style of your Swarovski body art. Then our Crystal Artists will make your body sparkle. Couples and friends welcome for this Las Vegas spa experience.

MOJAVE RAIN 80 min - $240

Tantalize your senses and deepen your awareness as you enter the Native American Tradition of Sacred Plants, Oils and the Four Directions. Relax as a sacred space is set with a sage smudging, then welcome in positive energy and send your intentions onward with sweet grass. Relax as detoxifying and balancing essential oils are cascaded along your back and feet. Then, allow one of our artisans to sooth away any remaining tension with a harmonizing Las Vegas massage and balancing energy work. Treat yourself to this truly unique and blissful massage at QUA Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace.

QUA SIGNATURE COUPLE'S HOURGLASS 120/180 mins - $950/$1,350

At Caesars Palace you can design the perfect Las Vegas spa treatment for two. Turn the hourglass and select facial and body treatments custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our talented spa Artisans create a personalized experience combining facials, body treatments, hot stones, aromatherapy, chakra balancing and energy work.

SOULFUL JOURNEY 80 mins - $250

by KSTechnique. An unparalleled approach to the healing arts, an exclusive treatment solely for you and solely at Qua Baths & Spa. Surrender your senses, let go of everything, open your mind and immerse yourself in the possibilities. Allow yourself to escape/reconnect. Indulge your senses and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Connect with your higher self and lift your spirit by aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual being. The journey begins by setting your intention for the experience. A Tree-of-Life energy reading continues the process along with harmonizing crystals bringing you into grounded tranquility. This gentle yet powerful healing technique facilitates balance. Sacred essential oil blends of Earth, Water, Fire or Air are then massaged into your body while you experience Chromotherapy, a soothing color light therapy. You are now ready to become aligned with the cosmos as you listen to the primordial sound that originated at the start of our known universe and continues to completely envelop us today. Allow the vibrational healing to guide your consciousness. Bringing harmony to your inner being while giving flight to your spirit as peacefulness washes over you illuminating your path forward.


by KSTechnique. An unparalleled approach to the healing arts, an exclusive treatment solely for you and solely at Qua Baths & Spa. Surrender your senses, let go of everything, open your mind and immerse yourself in the possibilities. Allow yourself to escape/reconnect. Indulge your senses and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Connect with your higher self and lift your spirit by aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual being. The journey begins by setting your intention for the experience. A Tree-of-Life energy reading continues the process along with harmonizing crystals bringing you into grounded tranquility. This gentle yet powerful healing technique facilitates balance. Sacred essential oil blends of Earth, Water, Fire or Air are then massaged into your body while you experience Chromotherapy, a soothing color light therapy. You are now ready to become aligned with the cosmos as you listen to the primordial sound that originated at the start of our known universe and continues to completely envelop us today. Allow the vibrational healing to guide your consciousness. Bringing harmony to your inner being while giving flight to your spirit as peacefulness washes over you illuminating your path forward.

AYURVEDIC ESCAPE 100 mins - $320

Ancient herbal formulas are personalized to rejuvenate the mind and body while restoring peace and vitality. First, enjoy an herbal body mask from head to toe. The journey continues with a massage incorporated with balancing energy work. A relaxing finale includes a soothing heat wrap as a stream of warm oil trickles onto your forehead before being massaged into your scalp, a treatment known as Shirodhara.


A brown sugar and pecan-whiskey scrub soothes dry and callused feet. Next, you’re massaged with our warm marshmallow butter while your feet are cocooned in warm steamed towels. How sweet it is!! Your skin will be soft and you will be oh so relaxed!

THE RAS-MOPOLITAN 80 min - $250

Enjoy a Ras-mopolitan full-body sea salt scrub and a massage! Organic vodka and fresh raspberry extract are just a few of the fine ingredients in your exfoliation. Next, your massage is performed with a shea butter that smells like white velvet buttercream. Delicious!


It’s back!! Refresh and revitalize your skin with our pumpkin mask. For those who are ready to relax and indulge in luxury, this treatment quickly increases oxygenation and circulation by digging deep into congested pores. You skin feels nourished and soothed.
  • Classes
  • Fitness Center
  • Roman Rituals


We invite you to experience our unique Pilates fitness classes taught in a private or semi-private session within our state of the art fitness facility. Pilates is a full body conditioning system that focuses on flexibility, core strength, coordination, balance and posture. Pilates is appropriate for all body types - from those who are in need of rehabilitation to elite athletes who want to take their performance to the next level. Classical Pilates, a technique developed by Joseph Pilates, is taught by certified instructors. The technique includes an extraordinary range of exercises on a reformer. The method can be tailored to benefit each individual in the most meaningful way. Your individual or duo session will leave you with renewed physical energy and lifted spirits. By appointment only. Please call 866-782-0655 to make a reservation.

Fitness Center

The spacious fitness center at QUA Baths & Spa in Las Vegas is filled with natural light from huge bay windows and has state-of-the-art Technogym equipment for your use. If staying fit is on your list of things to do in Las Vegas, our on-site fitness concierge is available to help you create a personalize fitness regimen during your visit to Caesars Palace.


An ancient bathing ritual revered by Roman society for its natural healing properties, if it is fitting that the Caesars Palace spa features the incomparable experience of the Roman Baths. The baths consist of three distinct pools, varying in temperature and size. Your experience begins in the largest of the pools, the Tepidarium, with warm mineral-enriched waters to help restore natural elements of your body's skin. You can then alternate between two smaller pools, the Caldarium and the Frigidarium. The hot waters of the Caldarium ease daily tension and soothe tired muscles, while a quick plunge into the cold waters of the Frigidarium invigorates your body. Water massages, Thermal Stone Deep Relaxation Chaises and exhilarating overhead rain showers complete this spectacular, one-of-a-kind Las Vegas spa experience.


Inspired by the ancient Roman steam baths, the Laconium sauna uses heat to warm your body from the inside out, keeping it warm and loose between treatments. Sit with partners or friends as the Laconium stimulates circulation and reduces stress. The result of this signature experience at QUA Baths & Spa is a feeling of physical and mental tranquility.


Surrounded by a beautiful dome ceiling and glass tiled walls, the Arctic Ice Room is a place to unwind. Heated floors and benches comfort you in the crisp 55 degree room as falling snow relieves your stress. Yes, falling snow. In a Las Vegas spa.


Includes access to Roman Baths, Laconium Room, Arctic Ice Room and the Tea Lounges, Complimentary with purchase of any treatment. Roman Rituals & Fitness Center Passport (day’s usage) Caesars Entertainment Hotel Guests Weekday (mon-thur) $50 Weekend (fri-sun) $50 (day’s usage) Non-Hotel Guests Weekday (mon-thur) $55 Weekend (fri-sun) $65



NAGOMI RITUAL 90 mins - $425

A journey of sensations Let stress be a thing of the past with this spectacular ritual that deliciously stimulates the senses. This exquisite experience begins with a relaxing floral foot bath and luxurious foot treatment utilizing crystallized honey particles to tenderly exfoliate your tired feet. Four different Aroma Nectars are then drizzled along the spinal column as a prelude to the sumptuous massage performed with your chosen Aroma Massage Oil. An intoxicating blend of Thai, Balinese and Shiatsu movements work to increase relaxation, joint mobility and energy flow. This ritual includes a facial treatment involving the latest trend in aesthetic medicine, Carboxitherapy, a novel technique that employs CO2 to combat the signs of aging resulting in a visible revitalization of the skin.

NOBU ZEN 50/80 min - $200/$260

DIAMOND RADIANCE 90 mins - $360

A genuine multisensory cosmetic lift The union of sophisticated ingredients with anti-aging properties penetrates to the deepest layers, bringing the necessary firmness to help the skin regenerate itself. Diamond Experience Multisensorial Lifting reinforces the natural system of defense of the skin. It maintains a long lasting hydration and improves skin elasticity and tone. It has an anti-stress action and it gives back the natural brightness with a lifting effect.

O2 AWAKENING 50 mins - $220

Infuse every pore with a blast of pure O2xygen Our light-as-air formula penetrates the skin and releases pure O2xygen molecules into the epidermal layer to re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins. This facial treatment will target skin congested from daily exposure to toxins and pollutants. A deep O2xygenating and breathing massage further cleanses the body and mind.


A luxurious experience that purifies the body and mind, the Diamond Magnetic Ritual will eliminate the effects of electromagnetic pollution and daily stress. The treatment begins with a balancing of chakras and is followed by a diamond polishing exfoliation. Magnetic tools are used to extract impurities, leaving a luminous diamond glow. This beauty ritual prevents premature aging, unloading tension and accumulated stress.

SCRUB BAR 50 mins - $175

Allow your senses to guide you to achieve the results you need Our highly skilled therapist will customize a full body scrub from the selection below performed in our Vichy Shower. A highly nutritive C+C Vitamin Body Cream further hydrates the skin leaving it soft to the touch. Bamboo: Micro-particles from bamboo massage and exfoliate your skin while essential oils liven and stimulate your senses. C+C Vitamin: Indulge your body with the highest concentration of Vitamin C, green tea and rose hip oil. Natural exfoliating agents eliminate dead cells and provide a radiant and glowing appearance. 100% Honey: Crystallized honey particles gently exfoliate your skin, removing accumulated dead skin cells and impurities


An inviting selection of renewing body wraps performed under the Vichy Showers Allow our body artisan to help you select one of the following wraps to suit your body???s needs. Citrus Drench: Restore elasticity and provide an intense, deep hydration to the body in this treatment designed for sun damaged skin. Crystallized Honey, Shea Butter, Ascorbic Acid, and Orange Juice protect the skin from dehydration and premature aging, providing rejuvenating, antioxidant and firming results from the very first session. Balneo Mud: Begin with an exotic fully body exfoliation using a Bamboo Scrub. Mud from the Dead Sea, the richest waters of the world, is lathered over your body, imparting extreme concentrations of essential salts and minerals. The benefits of these trace elements are further magnified by enveloping your body in a tight, warm cocoon, from which you will emerge anew. This is an excellent treatment for activating circulation and metabolism, as well as providing slimming and firming results. Matte Heating & Olive Cooling: A mosaic of colors and elements will treat your skin like a work of art. A sumptuous dual mask of crimson and emerald are painted on using the heat elements from matte and guarana alongside the cooling properties of olive and peppermint leaves. This wrap stimulates circulation, eliminates toxins, and enhances cell regeneration while soothing skin to help alleviate hypersensitivity and inflammation.