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JWOWW at Dusk Nightclub



Jenni “JWOWW” Farley hosts Dusk Nightclub on Saturday, February 23rd.  Don’t miss the “Jersey Shore” star as she returns to New Jersey and Atlantic City for an unforgettable night.  Purchase tickets to this event here:

Prior to Jersey Shore, Farley owned a graphic design business, Jenni Farley Designs, Inc. In December 2009, 23-year-old Farley began appearing on Jersey Shore as she and seven other housemates spent the summer in the Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The second season was filmed in Miami, Florida, while the third season returned to New Jersey. A fourth season of the series was filmed in Florence, Italy. Despite reports that the cast would not sign their contracts until their pay was increased, all eight members eventually signed a deal to film for the upcoming season.