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Atlantic City Fine Dining Restaurants

Casa Di Napoli - Upscale Atlantic City Restaurants at Showboat

Atlantic City Fine Dining at Showboat

Enjoy the luxury of Atlantic City fine dining at Showboat. Our restaurants serve only the best in Italian, steak, and seafood fare, allowing guests to indulge in premium foods while being submerged in the beautiful ambience that Atlantic City fine dining destinations are known for.  Explore our captivating lineup of fine dining restaurants today. 

Upscale Italian

Casa di Napoli

Casa di Napoli is an Atlantic City Italian restaurant offering signature dishes, brick oven pizzas and pastas in a lively Showboat Atlantic City atmosphere.

Upscale Steakhouse

Scarduzio's Steak,
Sushi and Lounge

Located on the casino level of Showboat Atlantic City, Scarduzio's serves the finest in steaks, chops, chicken & seafood of any Atlantic City restaurant.