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Code Green

About CodeGreen

CodeGreen is our organization-wide, multi-year strategy to identify, monitor, measure, assess, manage and reduce our material impacts on the environment. This consistent, structured, data-driven and disciplined environmental program leverages the passion of our employees, as well as engages our guests and suppliers. Since our baseline year of 2007, we have significantly reduced our environmental impacts related to energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste.

Driven By Data

We continue to improve our environmental performance, supported by improved data-collection and monitoring systems. In 2011, we installed a management software program for tracking our utilities consumption, and 2012 was the first full year of online data collection across all our properties, providing an accurate, critical tool for decision-making on resource efficiency and environmental impacts.

CodeGreen environmental data is collected by property, collated monthly, and reported to all property managers and company management. At the property level, managers review results with their teams and prioritize actions to improve performance. There is more than a little competitive spirit between properties, so in addition to a commitment to efficient operations and a passion for protecting the environment, property managers are encouraged to challenge their peers to do better. This works well: the CodeGreen Scorecard is well-publicized with the company, with the leading and laggard properties clearly identified, forming the basis for action planning.

"Being a good steward of the environment is not a cliché for Caesars. It means understanding our core environmental impacts, developing strategies to minimize them, collecting meaningful data to identify opportunities, measuring progress and providing feedback that allows employees at all levels to make a difference. We manage our sustainability program like we would any other serious business initiative and we're driving triple-bottom-line results. But more importantly, we're leaving a legacy of efficiency and environmental preservation for future generations."
Eric Dominguez, Corporate Director of Engineering, Utilities and Environmental Affairs