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Verification and Transparency

Caesars engages an independent external auditor to verify our carbon emission disclosures and we continued to disclose our carbon emission (and water consumption) to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Verification of our greenhouse gas emissions data was conducted by an accredited verifier from Alta Environmental, a California Air Resources Board (ARB) Accredited GHG Emissions Verification Body (Application Pending). The verifier used California Global Warming Solutions GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule methodologies with ISO14064-3 guidance principles and found that our GHG emissions inventory for 2013 was "free of material misstatement." The verification is available on our website.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the world's leading initiative to tackle climate change by helping organizations drive down GHG emissions, and water consumption, and mitigate environmental risk in their supply chains. By disclosing our performance to the Carbon Disclosure Project, we join the ranks of the world's leading companies who are serious about environmental stewardship. We became one of the first companies in the gaming sector to disclose our carbon emissions to the CDP in 2010 and the first to report to CDP Water and participate in CDP Supply Chain.

“CDP’s globally standardized disclosure platform enables shareholders to incorporate environmental factors, such as carbon and water, into investment decision making, helping mitigate risks and an increasingly volatile and natural resource constrained economy. Given the challenges ahead, companies able to account for and demonstrate actions to improve performance on carbon emissions and water conservation are well positioned to thrive. In the hospitality sector, this is crucially important as the customer base is informed and looking to its chosen brands for evidence of real action on environmental protection.”
Tom Carnac, Managing Director of CDP North America