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Caesars Public Policy

Public Policy

Human rights: We have become involved with legislative efforts to provide equality and additional rights to all LGBT persons. With the support of our company, the 2011 Nevada Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill passed. The bill outlaws discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations, such as restaurants, hotels and stores, and prohibits discrimination against them in the rental and sale of housing and property. This past year, we were the only gaming company in the U.S. to sign the U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief arguing that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) must be overturned.

Immigration reform: We support comprehensive immigration reform that both advances border security as well as streamlines the immigration process for those who are willing to work hard and complete the legal process. Addressing the issues relating to immigration will provide a more effective framework to give local businesses in the U.S. access to a pool of employees previously unavailable by legal means. We have spoken out in favor of immigration reform, and in early 2013, Gary Loveman responded to President Obama’s remarks on immigration reform which he delivered to business leaders during a visit to Las Vegas. Obama stated, “Nevada suffers from a very poor economic situation. Regularizing immigration will be a stimulus to growth and will begin to help the area’s economy.”

Healthcare: In July 2012, Gary Loveman, our President and CEO, published an Op-Ed as Chair of the Business Roundtable’s Health and Retirement Committee in favor of healthcare reform and the lowering of healthcare costs for U.S. citizens, on the eve of the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Climate change: As a founding member of Team Earth, which unites organizations and citizens behind collective action to address climate change, we take opportunities to reaffirm our public commitment to responsible environmental practices by corporations and use our resources and efforts to drive change. For example, our Vice President of Sustainability and Community Affairs, Gwen Migita, holds a position on the Leadership Council of the National Park Trust (NPT) and supports the NPT in ongoing campaigns to promote the acquisition and protection of parks, wildlife refuges, historic landmarks public lands, and waterways. Additionally, in 2012, we publicly supported a call to Nevada’s congressional leaders to introduce legislation to protect the Gold Butte Region by declaring it a National Conservation Area. Gold Butte is an area east of Las Vegas that is rich in history and natural resources including lakes, mountains, valleys and wilderness. As an important part of our natural heritage, we believe Gold Butte should be protected by laws governing visitation and activities.