Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

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Spacious, elegant and stately, the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is a collection of exclusive watering holes, decadent cabanas and lavish sunbathing spots. It’s no wonder why this Las Vegas pool escape is the ultimate warm-weather destination.

Whether you bow before the gods of the sun or the water, a pool day at Caesars Palace is a royal treat. With all the Roman architectures and pools, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Italy. The seven Garden of the Gods pools offer a distinct experience for sun loungers and those who would prefer to make a splash. There’s a pool for every mood. If you desire poolside luxury, cabanas come equipped with cold refreshments and a fresh fruit plate.

The pool is exclusively for Caesars Palace and Nobu Hotel guests. However, those 21 and older staying at Caesars Entertainment properties may enter for a fee (based on available seating).

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Apollo Pool at Garden of the Gods Oasis - Las Vegas Pools


Apollo was the Roman god of light and the sun, so it’s only fitting that this Las Vegas pool suited for sun worship is named after this deity. Positioned at the southwest corridor of the oasis, The Apollo Pool provides maximum sun exposure with five cabanas and four day beds.

Bacchus Pool at Garden of the Gods Oasis - Las Vegas Pools

The Bacchus Pool

Named after the Roman God of wine, this exclusive pool is reserved for invited guests and celebrities. With eight daybeds and eight cabanas, The Bacchus Pool is the perfect place to soak in the sun and enjoy a VIP experience.


The Fortuna Pool

The Roman goddess of luck beckons you to try yours at this action-packed pool. Play a few hands of swim-up blackjack, have a bite to eat or visit the Fortuna bar for a refreshing selection of signature mojitos and fresh margaritas.


The Jupiter Pool

Designated for The Laurel Collection guests, the Jupiter Pool is secluded in the northwest corner of the Garden of the Gods. Relax your way in one of seven luxurious cabanas.


The Neptune Pool

The perfect place to mingle, meet and greet, The Neptune pool is the social hub of the Garden of the Gods. Splash among the beautiful people, get some sun or just relax. The Neptune pool features eight cabanas, 12 day beds and chaise lounge chairs for your enjoyment.


The Temple Pool

This iconic pool is the classic image of Caesars Palace swimming, an elegant spot with statuary and columns. Lounge chairs surround the round pool, offering some of the most striking views of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, while its two cabanas and 17 day beds offer another level of luxury.

Caesars-Palace Las Vegas-Property-Pool-Venus-2

The Venus Pool

.Venus Pool Club is the most well-appointed and exclusive Las Vegas pool experience at the oasis. The sophisticated and secluded European-style retreat offers high-end food and beverage choices for you to indulge in while perfecting your summer tan. All drinks are topped and made with the freshest fruits and ingredients. Light treats include sushi rolls, crisp salads, sandwiches and burgers served straight from the grill.

The 10,000-square-foot retreat hosts 14 cabanas, 16 day beds, 10 couches and plenty of chaise lounge chairs. You’ll find perfect spot to catch rays, people-watch or just take in the lush surroundings.

Ladies and Seven Star Total Rewards members always receive complimentary entrance. Complimentary entrance for all Caesars Palace guests Mon - Thurs. Cover charges are as follows:

  • $30 Fri - Sun for male, non-hotel guest
  • $20 Fri - Sun for male Ceasars Palace guest 
  • Male hotel guests recieve reduced admission of $20 before 1 p.m. Friday – Sunday. 
  • 7 Star Total Rewards members recieve complimentary entrance every day. 

Venus Pool is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. – 6pm.


They've got five pools in this swanky space, each with its own theme. The Apollo pool is for sunbathing, the Fortune Pool is for swim-up blackjack. If you want a meat market, check out the Neptune Pool. If you want to go topless, or just hang around a pool with topless ladies, try the Venus Pool, which, of course, has an admission fee. The fee is higher for men than women.


Garden of Gods Pool Oasis!" is Caesars' own, highfalutin' title for the trio of pools -- the Temple, the Neptune, and the Venus -- which collectively span 4.5 acres, between Roman columns, elaborate marble and granite mosaics, and cabanas (available to rent, with a TV and refrigerator). To Caesars' credit, I felt the need to add the exclamation point.

— Oyster

If you've ever ventured through Caesars Palace, chances are you probably got lost within the huge property (at least) a couple of times. At the resort's five-acre Garden of the Gods pool, it's easy to lose your way here too. But we can honestly say you'll have a blast by doing so! Offering eight pools, this sprawling area provides something for everyone. Once you get used to your surroundings, you can't wait to take a dip in all the pools. And with the stunning, dramatic Roman architecture and sculptures, it's almost like being in Italy.

— Jeannie Borbe,