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  • Global Gaming Table Games 10
    Apr 8, 2015

    Today's Craps Strategy Tip

    Here’s an important lesson: Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. That lesson applies to craps, too!
  • Group Of People Sitting At A Gaming Table
    Apr 1, 2015

    Today's Gambling Myth: The Monte Carlo Fallacy

    It’s called a number of things. The “gambler’s fallacy,” and the “Monte Carlo fallacy,” and even “the fallacy of the maturity of chances.” But it all boils down to one basic, misguided belief: In games of chance, if a certain outcome hasn’t happened in awhile, it’s more likely to occur in the future.
  • Flamingo Las Vegas Gaming Table Games Roulette 1
    Mar 25, 2015

    Casino Gambling Basics: Roulette Terms

    Roulette is one of the most enjoyable games in a casino. No time-consuming learning curve, a variety of bets, not too much math, and a social atmosphere where fortunes can be won if Lady Luck smiles. But like many casino table games, has its own set of slang terms.
  • Global Gaming Table Games 18
    Mar 11, 2015

    Why are casino dealer tips called 'tokes?'

    Seasoned gamblers know “toking,” or tipping, is a great way to not only thank dealers for their stellar service, but they also ensure a dealer will watch your back (and your bets) during your play so you’ll get the most from your visit to the tables.
  • Photo Of Deck Of Cards Scattered On A Gaming Table Being Shuffled At The Flamingo Las Vegas
    Mar 4, 2015

    Casino Term of the Day: 'Washing' the Cards

    You may have seen it happen before, but you may not have known there’s a name for it!