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Today's Blackjack Term You Didn't Know: 'The Plug'

Photo Of Deck Of Cards In Dealers Hand Over Table Game At The Flamingo Las Vegas

Think you know your Vegas casino table game jargon? We did, too, until we heard about the blackjack “plug.”

When you’re playing blackjack from a “shoe” (the device that holds multiple decks of cards), two “cut cards” are used. One of these plastic cut cards is inserted toward the end of the shoe, so the dealer knows when it’s time to reshuffle, and the other is placed at the back of the shoe, so the last card in the shoe can’t be seen.

The group of cards between these cut cards is called the “plug.”

When it’s time to reshuffle the cards, the plug (at least at Flamingo Las Vegas, it varies by casino) is divided into three sections before being mixed back in with the rest of the cards.

So, now you know what a “plug” is, which will serve you well in life. Assuming you want to work in the field of “Mildly Interesting But Only Somewhat Useful Gambling Trivia.” And who doesn’t?