Model’s dress provided by Gianni Versace. Shoes provided by Jimmy Choo. Jewelry model’s own. Model on the left: shorts provided by Gianni Versace, shirt model’s own. Model on the right: dress model’s own. Jewelry provided by Karina. Men’s suit and shirt provided by Versace Jeans Couture. Women’s shorts and sweater provided by Gianni Versace. Model’s shorts provided by Gianni Versace, shirt model’s own. Jewelry provided by Karina. Michael’s wardrobe and shoes provided by Gianni Versace, watch Michael’s own. Model on the left: shoes provided by Gianni Versace, jewelry provided by Karina. Dress model’s own.

Breeana Diullo Hair Artisan

"Color has everything to do in my life, whether it is at work or at play. The color spectrum is like life – it is always changing. In my life, I want everything to be colorful, and in my work, it is a must. "

Dawn Oguri Hair Artisan/Extension Specialist

"I play with colors that will compliment my clients, but that they would not necessarily think of."

Didi Perez Make-Up Artisan

"Color brings out your personality and creates a whole new you. Every woman should wear red lipstick at least once in her life!"

Hiwot Mebrahtu Hair Artisan

"My dream has come true, to work in the best salon with the best of the best hair stylists."

Justus Kerr Hair Artisan

"Besides my wife and daughter, Color, A Salon by Michael Boychuck is my life!"

Lavey Ortiz Make-Up Artisan

"I think we could all take a lesson from Crayons. Some are sharp, some are beautiful, some have strange names, all are different colors, but they all live in the same box."

Michael Chavella Hair Artisan

"My daughter represents all of the colors of the rainbow to me. Nothing inspires me more than her. Doing color is my true passion in the hair industry."

Romina Khobi Hair Artisan

"Color brightens my life. When choosing a color for an individual, I think of the color that will brighten their mood and boost their self-confidence."

Shawna Traynor Nail Artisan

"Working with Color artisans who are perfectionists in a salon that is pure perfection sets the atmosphere for an amazing experience."

Allyn Hadfield Nail Artisan

"My personal style is a mix of sass and comfort. Great nails are the perfect accessory."

David Thomas Hair Artisan / Extension Specialist

"Growing up in the 80s, I watched celebs like Madonna change their whole persona with a simple change of color and cut. I want to give my clients the look that makes them feel their best!"

Davone Philavong Hair Artisan

"Besides making people feel great, I feel good knowing I've made their day."

Debbie Jouglard Nail Artisan

"I would say I have a classic look with a trendy flair. I bring color into the lives of each of my clients when I apply the perfect polish."

Holly Hoang Nail Artisan

"I have always been creative, and nails are my passion! I keep up with the latest trends, but I mix it up with classics that never go out of style."

Jennifer Favela Nail Artisan

"Bringing out the natural beauty of each of my clients is an amazing experience."

Lisa Alstein Nail Artisan

"My personal style is always changing - like the color of my hair! I'm inspired by my environment and the talent of those I work with."

Maureen O'Connor Hair Artisan

"My mother was my main inspiration in becoming a hair artisan. She always had a flawless sense of style."

Sarina Moreno Nail Artisan

"My two kids bring color into my life every day!"

Scott Trinh Nail Artisan

"I love being a Nail Artisan - I get to express my creativity and make people feel beautiful."