The time has come to indulge in a salon experience like no other. Welcome to Color, A Salon by Michael Boychuck.

With every visit to Color you can expect a team of industry professionals to bring out the best in you – enhancing your natural beauty, while catering to your every need.

Color’s state-of the-art-salon concept mixes modern design with classic glamour. Be prepared to drape yourself in luxurious experiences from head to toe.

You will enjoy signature experiences in many of our unique amenities, like the Lather Lounge, a decadent room devoted entirely to the shine and strength of your hair. Or why not relax with a couple’s loveseat pedicure experience?

We’re proud to be the first salon in Las Vegas that can offer you premium extension service with Hairdreams® Laserbeamer® technology. Say hello to new and improved extension application – more time for pampering!

Beyond salon services, Color, A Salon by Michael Boychuck is the ultimate luxurious salon experience with indulgent accents and extras. You can look forward to sipping Champagne, tonics, specialty drinks and teas from ceremonial vessels with every visit.

Color’s opulent amenities include:
  • Hair Care
  • Lather Lounge
  • The Vanity Room
  • Crystal Manicure & Pedicure Lounge