Earn & Redeem

with TR Partners


    Total Rewards members have been able to earn Reward Credits for everyday live poker. Now, you can earn and redeem for even more poker activities!


    Earn on all WSOP® Circuit event & tournament poker play at Total Rewards casinos.* Simply show your Total Rewards card when you buy in. You will automatically receive your Reward Credits once the event closes, typically 5 - 6 hours after the event begins.


    To redeem Reward Credits to buy in to WSOP tournaments & events, visit the Total Rewards Center to receive a buy-in voucher. Then, just present your voucher when you register.


    You can review the FAQ's below. Hopefully they will answer the questions you have. Still have more? 

    How many Reward Credits does it take to play in an event?
    The amount of Reward Credits needed to play in an event varies depending on the buy-in. Every 2,000 Reward Credits will get you $10 in buy-in amount. For circuit events, you must buy in for at least the minimum amount of $25 (5,000 Reward Credits). For the annual Main Event Bracelet and Side Tournaments, you must buy-in for at least $50 (10,000 Reward Credits).  If you don't have enough Reward Credits to cover your buy-in, you can pay the remainder with any other acceptable form of payment.**

    How many Reward Credits do I earn for WSOP tournaments?
    Guests will earn Reward Credits for every WSOP Tournament. Earning is based on event type and buy-in (see below for sample earnings). Please note: No Reward Credits are earned on WSOP cash games.

    Reward Credit Earnings at WSOP Main Event Tournaments*

    Reward Credit Earnings at WSOP Circuit Event Tournaments*

    Will I also earn Tier Credits from my WSOP poker play?
    Yes! You currently earn Tier Credits for your everyday live poker play, and now you will also earn Tier Credits for WSOP events. The Tier Credits you earn will vary based on the type of event and buy-in.

    Can I use Reward Credits in Pre-Registration (Online)?
    No. You must redeem your Reward Credits toward your buy-in at the Total Rewards casino where the event is taking place.

    Can I earn Reward Credits at all WSOP events?
    You will earn Reward Credits on all WSOP events that take place at Total Rewards casinos.  However, you are not able to earn or redeem for buy-in at WSOP events that take place at non-Total Rewards locations.