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Atlantic City Buffets


Caesars Atlantic City buffets offer a wide variety of cuisines that are sure to satisfy any taste. Whether you are looking for comforting favorites such as freshly carved turkey and handmade lasagna, or exceptional brunch specials including create-your-own Bloody Mary bars, our impressive buffet selections are sure to please. Take a trip around the food world through the decadent all you can eat gourmet foods offered at one of Caesars’ top-notch Atlantic City buffets today.

Indulge in Caesar's Delicious Buffets

Buffet Buffet


You’ll find all your favorites and even discover some new delights at Palace Court Buffet at Caesars Atlantic City.

Buffet Buffet

Caesars Sunday Brunch at Nero's

Nero’s also serves the most decadent Sunday brunch in Atlantic City with specialties such as filet of beef, grilled swordfish, freshly carved turkey and handmade lasagna. Dive into our succulent seafood favorites, including shrimp, crab claws, oysters, or freshly prepared sushi.