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Authorized Agents and Household Requests

A California, Connecticut or Colorado resident may use an authorized agent to make a privacy request on the resident’s behalf.

To make a request on behalf of a California resident, the authorized agent must first provide a copy of either a letter signed by the resident authorizing the agent to submit a privacy request on his or her behalf or a valid power of attorney issued pursuant to California Probate Code sections 4000 to 4465. 

To make a request on behalf of a customer who resides in Colorado, the authorized agent must have the customer's signed permission to submit customer's request or provide evidence that agent has power of attorney in accordance with applicable law.

To make a request on behalf of a customer who resides in Connecticut, the authorized agent must provide verification of the identity of the customer and confirmation that customer has provided the agent with authority to act on customer's behalf.

Authorized agents must email supporting documents to and include a phone number where agent can be reached during regular business hours. We reserve the right to contact any individual represented by an authorized agent to confirm the request.