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Charitable Funding Opportunities

Caesars Entertainment supports our communities through charitable donations to eligible organizations. These donations take the form of monetary funds and/or in-kind contributions.

In-kind contributions are donations of goods, like tickets to shows at our venues, and services, such as providing meeting spaces. The same constraints that govern proper management of monetary funds also apply to in-kind contributions.

Caesars Entertainment welcomes you to follow the steps below to apply for a charitable contribution on behalf of your organization:

  1. Determine if your organization is eligible by reading the Eligibility Rules below. Requests from organizations not meeting all relevant eligibility criteria will be rejected.
  2. Submit a request by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.
  3. Any requests for further information and the final decision regarding your request will be sent to the contact person included in your request.

Please note that the Caesars Entertainment review team may need up to 90 days depending on the request so please submit your request as early as possible.

Eligibility Rules

Your organization is eligible to submit a request if:

  • It is an educational institution or not-for-profit charity that has one of the following IRS tax-exempt classifications:
    • A non-profit under Section 501(c)(3),
    • A public charity under Section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3), or
    • A public university under Section 170(c)(1)

Note: 501(c)(4) organizations are not eligible

  • It is a religious organization requesting support for a social service offered to all without discrimination based on religious or other identity. This may include offering social services on a local basis on behalf of a national charity such as Meals on Wheels. Regardless, your organization must carry or have one of the tax statuses above.
  • Once funded, the grant will remain under the financial control of the applying organization and not be regranted or passed on to any other organization.
  • It operates in, and the donation will solely benefit a program in, the United States of America.

Your organization and your request are not eligible if:

  • It discriminates by race, color, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
  • It is for a church, temple, mosque or other religious organization (unless it provides non-denominational social services and the request will solely benefit those services).
  • It is for a treatment center or facility and/or provides individual medical services.
  • It is for an individual.
  • It is for athletic sponsorships of individuals and/or teams (e.g. Little League).
  • It is for a political or advocacy group.
  • It is for a government official, their immediate family, or any individuals acting on their behalf.
  • It will improperly influence a government official or any individual or is an explicit or implicit exchange for improper behaviors or benefits.
  • It is illegal and/or unethical under local laws and practices and/or designed for an improper purpose.
  • It is for an organization or program outside of the United States.

Geographic Areas of Giving

Caesars Entertainment operates in communities around the world. At the moment, we are only accepting requests for organizations and programs inside the geographic United States. Please visit Caesars Destinations to view our properties and align your request with a location inside the U.S., not including Harrah's Northern California at this time.

We operate many properties in close proximity to each other. If you are unsure which property to select in, for example, Southern Nevada, please pick one and note in your request details that you are open to receiving support from any property in that region. Please note that regardless of which property you select, we may elect to award a contribution from any property in that region.

Strategic Community Impact Areas for Giving

Caesars Entertainment seeks to do the best with its charitable contributions. As such, we have identified high-impact focus areas that we think are particularly beneficial for our communities. Your request is more likely to be approved if it benefits one of these strategic focus areas.

If your organization’s mission is not aligned with a Strategic Community Impact Area, please fully explain the focus area of your request, as properties and regions may still consider the request if it falls under their local priority area.

  • Older Individuals: Organizations that focus on helping the aging population live more fulfilling lives. This includes organizations focused on issues such as social isolation, mental health, and medical issues that disproportionately affect the aging population (55 and older).
  • Environmental & Social Sustainability: Organizations that focus on meeting the needs of today without compromising the future of environmental and social sustainability. This includes:
    • Non-profit, non-governmental, and advocacy organizations that positively impact climate, water, waste, energy, and food security
    • Organizations that ensure social-economic equity, access to resources and good jobs, while protecting vulnerable populations from abuse and exploitation (e.g. anti-human trafficking, affordable housing, immigration integration, homeless services and social services, children and family services, and neighborhood development projects)
  • Education & Equity: Organizations that assist with education, workforce development, job training, and awareness campaigns such as degree programs, continuing education, and public awareness campaigns.

Submit an Eligible Request

Caesars Entertainment receives a high volume of requests. So that we may most efficiently spend our charitable dollars, and save you valuable time, we require all requests, regardless of origin, to be made through our online request form. The form is designed to be filled out in one sitting (you cannot save information in it between sessions).

No other source of requests will be reviewed. Paper submissions of any kind will not be accepted.

You must use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or the latest Apple browser (Safari) to complete the form. Earlier internet Browsers are not supported at this time.

Required Information to Complete the Request Form

  • Your organization's federal EIN & the contact information for the person submitting the request form (or the person we should contact regarding the request)
  • History of funding from Caesars Entertainment
  • Complete details of your request, including people served, co-branding opportunities, Caesars Entertainment employee volunteer participation opportunities, amount and kind of gift requested, and date of the event(s) (if applicable)
  • Your organization's most recent complete W-9 in PDF format
  • Additional relevant files, such as:
    • Regulatory determinations that approve your organization for operating certain games of chance such as raffles
    • Fliers and other marketing materials for events that indicate the nature and intended audience
    • Any other materials that enable us to determine the impact of funding your request and how it aligns with our Strategic Community Impact Areas
  • Name, title, and email address of any Caesars Entertainment employees involved in this request or in your organization (such as board members)


If your request is lacking the required information, the incomplete online form will be rejected. You may prepare and submit a new online form once you have gathered the missing details. Be mindful of the 90-day review process.

Due to the high volume of requests, Caesars Entertainment does not accept questions about this process via email or phone. If you are unsure if your organization or request is eligible, the best thing to do is to make the strongest request you can via the online request form, and we will review it.


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