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Guidelines for Giving

Charitable Donation Requests FAQs

Caesars Entertainment supports our communities through charitable donations of monetary funds and in-kind gifts. To find out if your organization is eligible to receive a Caesars Entertainment contribution, please read through our Eligibility requirements and Guidelines for Giving before Submitting a Request.

What types of contributions does Caesars Entertainment make?

Caesars Entertainment makes both monetary and in-kind contributions, such as show tickets and dinners, and team member volunteer time.

Does Caesars Entertainment contribute to organizations solely located in their markets?

No. However, first preference is given to organizations based in the communities where we operate.

Is there a cut-off date to make a donation request?

We request 30 to 60 days to review and process a donation before an event.

What do I need to do to submit a request?

Submit a completed Donation Request Form to the appropriate contact in the property/region closest to your organization or event. For more information on submitting a request, please click here.


Monetary contributions are but one element of the company’s social investment program. Equally important are in-kind contributions, which are donations of goods, like tickets to shows at our venues and services, such as meeting spaces. The same constraints that govern proper management of monetary gifts also apply to in-kind contributions. Caesars Entertainment gives to organizations that focus on older individuals, environmental sustainability and education. Diversity is an underlying value for each focus area, which are listed below:

Older Individuals: Organizations that help older individuals (55+) live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives

Environment: Organizations that promote or address environmental sustainability, energy efficiencies, carbon reduction, water/waste/energy conservation and responsible stewardship of natural resources (e.g. protecting watersheds, cleaning beaches, regenerating forested areas, etc.)

Health and Wellness: Organizations that aim to find cures for or support those living with diseases, or promote healthy living

Education: Pre-schools, K-12 and colleges and universities, continuing adult education, vocational/technical or organizations that further education around issues


  • Organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. This policy is in line with our non-discrimination policy.
  • Churches, temples, mosques or other religious organizations unless they provide non-denominational social services
  • Treatment centers/facilities and individual medical services
  • Grants or sponsorship to individuals
  • Athletic sponsorships of individuals and/or teams (little leagues)
  • Political or advocacy groups
  • Government officials, their immediate family, or any individuals acting on their behalf