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Training and Development

Training at Caesars Entertainment is based on a suite of organizational learning programs, called the Empire Series, designed to support the delivery of current business strategies and to measurably support organizational goals. We align learning with organizational career development programs to support the growth and upward mobility of our employees.

Training Library

Employees have access to an entire library of voluntary courses on topics including professional skills, computer skills and leadership skills that they can complete whenever convenient for them. Our employees also participate in annual regulatory and compliance training. In 2013, employees took part in hundreds of training programs, both classroom and online, with an average of 62 training hours per employee per year overall. More than 2,500 employees completed online training, investing a total of 9,050 online hours.

Below are just a few of the classes employees can take advantage of through our training department.

  • Entertaining Our Best – During this on-boarding session, employees learn how to meet and exceed customer expectations. We train employees on what our customers want, the Caesars Entertainment approach to providing customer service, and how we know we are doing it right.
  • Legendary Leadership Essentials – This is a required course for all new supervisors and managers. It teaches concepts, skills and knowledge through the use of real world examples, simulations and case studies.
  • Online Learning Opportunities – Through our web-based online learning curriculum, employees learn new programs and brush up previously learned skills. These programs are free to use to all team members of the Caesars Entertainment family of companies.  Employees spent 1.655 million hours in training in 2015.


Every year, we offer short-term internships to college students all over the country, with around four to six students engaged per property. Internships focus in different professional areas to help students gain skills in a specific field. Many interns come back to Caesars Entertainment and become employees after completing their studies.

Tuition reimbursement

Every year, we help employees achieve their personal development aspirations through our Education Assistance program, which reimburses eligible employees up to 90% of tuition fees, up to $3,000 per calendar year for undergraduate classes or $4,000 per calendar year for graduate classes. Employees select study programs that best meet their personal development objectives. In 2013, 413 employees gained the benefit of tuition reimbursement, to a total value that Caesars Entertainment funded of $566,477 for courses completed in 2013.

Each year employees at all levels are required to complete mandatory training modules on various topics related to PEOPLE PLANET PLAY, such as anti-money laundering, Responsible Gaming and more. Diversity & Inclusion is one of the compliance training requirements. Our Diversity & Inclusion training covers being sensitive to guests of diverse backgrounds, understanding the benefit of building diverse teams, understanding the difference between having diverse team members and actually including diverse team members into various job roles and social activities without unconscious bias.

Compliance Training

Each year employees at all levels are required to complete mandatory training modules on various topics related to PEOPLE PLANET PLAY, such as anti-money laundering, Responsible Gaming, IT security and data privacy, sexual harassment training and more.

With regard to the implementation of processes to report and address discrimination issues, the Legal Department partners with an unbiased third-party vendor to monitor the Compliance & Ethics Hotline by which employees can by name or anonymously report any issues with discrimination or employee issues in general. The Human Resources department also outlines in its New Hire documentation and the employee handbook that discrimination of any type is not tolerated and provides contact details for the Compliance & Ethics hotline, the option to reach out to Human Resources or their immediate supervisor to quickly address allegations of discrimination.