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Responsible Gaming


Caesars Entertainment has been recognized as the industry leader in responsible gaming since the 1980s and has an unparalleled track record in leading the industry through RG innovation. In fact, Caesars Entertainment pioneering responsible gaming initiatives set the industry standard. The company's long-standing commitment to responsible gaming involves many “firsts” in the industry, and today it continues to move the industry forward. Click here to learn more about Caesars Entertainment's innovations in cutting-edge technology and programs that encourage guests to play responsibly and empower employees to effectively respond to potential gambling-related problems.


Caesars Entertainment's goals regarding responsible gaming are simple and unequivocal: Caesars Entertainment wants everyone who visits and gambles at our gambling facilities and on our online products to do so for the right reasons – to simply have fun. We do not want people who can’t gamble responsibly to play at our facilities or on our online gambling products. The various programs we have developed to promote responsible gaming over the past several decades are all in service of these goals.

Our integrated approach to responsible gaming is built on clear objectives, measurable outcomes and scientific research and evidence. It is supported by professional staff training and state of the art, purpose-built information technology systems. Click here to learn how Caesars Entertainment is unique within the industry in the development and deployment of Responsible Gaming programming that meets scientifically-supported standards. 


Operation Bet Smart®: Know When To Stop Before You Start® is a program designed to formally train employees about the importance of responsible gaming and the policies and procedures of Caesars Entertainment’s Responsible Gaming programs. While we recognize our employees are not counselors, Caesars Entertainment feels that encouraging employee awareness puts employees at a comfort level, helps them understand the company’s position on the issue and supplies them with valuable information and direction to potentially help others.

At all our gambling facilities and online gambling products, we provide Responsible Gaming signage and help resources on the casino floor, back-of-house, and online so that employees always know where to refer customers requesting assistance. We also provide Responsible Gaming information in brochures, on hold messages and via Caesars Entertainment’s Responsible Gaming campaigns, as well as including helpline phone numbers on all print and electronic gaming marketing collateral, player cards, and hotel directories. These communication efforts serve to provide our customers an unobtrusive vehicle for obtaining more information about Responsible Gaming and seeking assistance. Since 2003, Caesars Entertainment locations throughout the world also have Responsible Gaming Ambassadors who promote responsible gaming to our guests and offer assistance to guests who may not be gambling responsibly. 


This initiative teaches casino employees, minors, parents and guardians about the consequences of gambling under the legal age. Casinos are not for our kids. We do not hesitate to uphold the laws concerning the legal gambling age in each state.

For nearly three decades, Caesars Entertainment has been the chief advocate of Project 21®, now an industry-wide program that encompasses employee training and public awareness about underage gambling. Caesars Entertainment is committed to keeping minors off the casino floor. Project 21® is now a licensed program and has been contributed to Project 21® scholarship efforts. We are very proud that the success of Project 21® has been used at high schools across the U.S.

Other Project 21® efforts include the front and back-of-house signage, detailed employee training on cues for identifying minors, and the on-going creation of materials to keep employees and players aware. Like Operation Bet Smart®, Project 21® also includes the creation of materials for public education, such as TV public service announcements.

All Caesars Entertainment employees are trained to card individuals who appear to be below the age of 30, as well as ways to detect potentially invalid identification. If a minor is trying to gamble under false identification, our security officers will intervene and may contact outside law enforcement. We want all of our guests to have an enjoyable time at our destinations, but we will not condone breaking the law. We Care. We Card.® And we will take action.


Our Unattended Children Policy is a communication effort that encourages parents not to leave children unattended at our destinations, and trains employees on the proper approach to use upon discovering an unattended child. Seeking to urge parents not to leave their children without adult supervision, every Caesars Entertainment facility has standard procedures to promote parental responsibility and protect the safety of children and minors. Parents are informed through signage and brochures about our policies and employees are asked to keep an eye out and call security for any child that has been left unattended.


In 1995, Caesars Entertainment helped fund the first national helpline (1-800-522-4700) for gambling disorders – providing callers with counseling and direction to local assistance in any state. Our funding to assist local health service agencies, councils and seminars continues yearly through funding efforts by our corporate office and casino properties. Knowing gambling disorders can potentially reach the “other side” of the table, Caesars Entertainment provides confidential counseling assistance for employees through our Employee Assistance Program.


Our self-restriction program allows a person to request not to receive direct marketing by Caesars Entertainment owned, managed or operated properties with gambling services or products, as well as be denied casino credit and check cashing privileges. Our self-exclusion program allows a guest to request to have all privileges, including play privileges denied at all Caesars Entertainment owned, managed or operated properties with gambling services or products. Responsible Gaming Program Forms to request self-restriction or self-exclusion are available at all Caesars Entertainment owned, managed or operated properties or by calling the Responsible Gaming Service at 1-800-694-9960.


For information about gambling disorders as well as counseling, treatment, and other resources available in the United States, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling’s website. 

If you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, call the National Council on Problem Gambling’s toll-free helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

If you are thinking about changing your gambling behavior, download Harvard Medical School’s “Gambling – Your First Step To Change” toolkit. This self-help resource may help you decide if you need to change your gambling or seek outside help. 

For the latest scientific research on gambling disorder and responsible gaming, as well as guidance on how to talk to children about gambling, visit the website of the National Center for Responsible Gaming.

The Responsible Gambling Council’s website provides information about how gambling games work, money management, and tips for safer play.

Click here for Responsible Gaming at Caesars Windsor.

Visit the website of GambleAware for links to information about research, prevention, and support resources applicable to the United Kingdom.