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Sep 26, 2019

Caesars Bluewaters Dubai team member takes creative approach to service

Krishnadas poses with the sketches
A sketch of four people.
A sketch of a man.
A sketch of a couple.
A sketch of a child.

“I will always remember the moment I gave my first sketch to my guests, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas,” said Krishnadas Manivarnan, a room attendant at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai.

Reminiscing on that day, he said he gathered all of his confidence before presenting the couple with his sketch tucked inside a box the day before they left the resort.

“I was a bit nervous of how they would react, and it was the first time I’ve ever done it,” he said. “The moment they opened the box, I saw how amazed they were. I was starstruck and told myself that, ‘ I will always give this kind of smile to my guest.’ It is the reason I keep doing it.”

Ever since that day, the talented Manivarnan continued to give guests at the property his creations.

“It is always a surprise gift for the guest,” he said.

When Manivarnan is finished with his role as a guest room attendant, he sits down with a sketch pad in one hand and his pencil in another.

“It takes anywhere from a few hours to a day to create it,” he said.

Manivarnan said he got the idea to create sketches one day when he was servicing the Nicholas’.

“I saw a picture of them full of joy and happiness and that very day, I took a moment to convert the pictures into a beautiful sketch,” he said.

After seeing their response, he continued to create an experience unlike any other.

“I always tell them it is my way of making their stay even more memorable,” said Manivarnan. “I always get an amazed, special and loved feeling.”