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Aug 24, 2018

Celebrating Partner Gratitude Day with Olive Oil and Adventures!

August 15th marks the first-ever Partner Gratitude Day  for Caesars Entertainment – the day brings honor and recognition to the myriad partners who help make Caesars Entertainment and our affiliates great – from the business partners who contribute to Caesars’ mission to inspire grownups to play to the domestic partners who help Caesars’ team members be their best.

As part of Partner Gratitude Day, Caesars is also introducing new domestic partner benefits, which will be offered to team members starting in 2019. Caesars has elected to offer benefits to both same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners, which allows those who qualify the ability to receive the same benefits as their married counterparts. With this decision, Caesars continues to recognize the wellbeing of our employees and their loved ones and celebrates that a true partner transcends sexual orientation or marital status. The move is aligned with the Company’s mission to create an inclusive caring culture that allows team members to be their personal and professional best.

Throughout the day, fans of Caesars will learn about real stories of team members and the partners who have affected their lives. Everyone is invited to participate by posting a personal story of gratitude for the partner in their life using the hashtag #PartnerGratitudeDay.

Below are two amazing examples of the power and value of partnership for Caesars Entertainment team members.

Vananh Nguyen, Human Resources Manager at Harrah’s New Orleans

Partner: Matt Wood


Q: What’s your daily life at Harrah’s New Orleans like?

A: I’ve been with Caesars Entertainment for 12 years. I would say I have a fast-paced work environment with no two days being the same. Specifically, in New Orleans, with nearly 2,400 employees, I’m always training, coaching and working with new employees. Lately, we’ve been very busy and I’m often working after hours, sometimes even 24/7. It’s been keeping things interesting and really fun but it would be nearly impossible to handle without my amazing partner Matt.

Q: How does your partner help you be the best you can be?

A: Since we have two kids and run a business together, Verduré Olive Oil Co., we are always busy. However, even though Matt oversees the day-to-day operations of Verduré he is still able to assist the kids with everything that they need – including getting them ready in the morning, washing their clothes, picking them up for school, swim, Boy Scouts – you name it, he does it! Matt even tries to make time to make me a smoothie every morning before I’m on my way. I can always rest easy on any of those late nights at work, knowing Matt has homework, dinner, bath time and bedtime covered.

Q: How do you show gratitude for your partner?

A: After nearly 10 years together, I marvel at Matt’s patience and selflessness. He does so much for me and others and really asks for little in return besides love, respect and a regular cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate. However, I do make sure to plan a quarterly trip for our family and I take care of all of the details so he never has to worry. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for all that he does.

Stephanie Chandler, Director of Marketing, Harrah’s Council Bluffs

Partner: Sarah 

Q: What’s your daily life at Council Bluffs like?

A: I would define my daily life here as busy. Since I’m the director of marketing at Council Bluffs, I oversee all the external advertising and on-property advertising and promotion. Every day it’s something different, but that’s also why I love it!

Q: How does your partner help you be the best you can be?

A: Before I met Sarah I was truly consumed with work and wasn’t making time for myself at all. Then I met Sarah and I began to have some balance. Sarah helped me realize that it’s okay to have fun and really develop yourself and your life and to have faith in your team and employees. In the two years we’ve been together, we’ve seen our idols, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, driven dune buggies in the desert, taken last minute road trips to Kansas City, gone paddle boarding, bought kayaks to use at our local lake,, stayed in a tiny house for a weekend and so much more.

Sarah is a nurse and understands the unusual hours and shifts that I keep. Because of the understanding and encouragement, she’s given me I’m better able to let go. I’ve realized I’ve become a better team member – much more relaxed and understanding. More so, it also helped me bring a more balanced philosophy to my other team members – opening their eyes to the benefits of taking time for self-improvement and development.

Q: How do you show gratitude for your partner?

A: I try to do little things every day to show appreciation for her. This could be going to Cold Stone and grabbing ice cream on Mondays to surprise her after work, or making Monday our weekly workout night because we each have it off. We always try to show our appreciation to each other in small, but meaningful ways.

Caesars Entertainment is excited to be sharing stories throughout the day of how our partners help us be the best we can be both personally and professionally on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  Be sure to visit these social pages to be a part of our Partner Gratitude Day celebration!