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Jan 11, 2019

Myths and Misconceptions about Human Trafficking: A Team Member Perspective

by Caesars Entertainment

“Cynthia” (name changed) is a Caesars Entertainment Community Engagement Ambassador at one of our North American properties. Read on to learn her perspective on human trafficking.  

Q: What is human trafficking?

Cynthia: Human trafficking is the business of exploiting and profiting from enslaving or forcing someone to perform labor or engage in sexual acts, made possible through manipulation or brute force.

Many traffickers use hotels as anonymous places in which to conduct sex trafficking, or what people often think of as “prostitution.” We use the term sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation to emphasize that people who are manipulated into engaging in sexual acts for a third party’s financial gain are victims.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about human trafficking and sex trafficking?

Cynthia: Most common misconceptions are about victim blaming. People are very negative about the victim, but not about the person controlling the victim or the person purchasing sex. The biggest misconception is that it’s a choice; that anyone would choose to do this of their own free will.

Q: What has changed about how you and your coworkers now see human trafficking following your Community Engagement Ambassador training?

Cynthia: We see trafficking victims as human beings who are being sold over and over by someone who is controlling everything they do. My hope for our fellow employees is simply awareness. The smallest amount of awareness of what trafficking looks like can open a dialogue that we did not have before. Opening up this new dialogue can help recover a victim, whether it be one or hundreds.

Q: What do you want all Caesars guests and team members to know about human trafficking?

Cynthia: The hospitality industry has opened its mind and arms to a greater understanding of human trafficking and realizes that it has the responsibility to make a change. Caesars Entertainment has truly opened its heart to victims by creating a program to combat human trafficking. Through working in this industry, I’ve come to understand that human trafficking is an extremely large and harmful issue. We’re now taking the route to understand the entirety of it. Now that Dr. Halleh [Caesars’ human trafficking expert consultant] has given us the knowledge and tools needed, we are spreading awareness to all employees and providing help to those who need it most.

Next week, join us to learn how Caesars Entertainment fights human trafficking through supporting international protocols and conducting trainings at our North American properties.