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Sep 04, 2019

Third-generation team member finds dream job with Caesars Entertainment’s PR team

Six decades later and Gia Silvaggio is upholding a family tradition that is close to her heart.

Silvaggio, a public relations specialist for Caesars Entertainment, is a third-generation team member.

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“My grandma managed a coffee shop called the Noshoriam when Caesars Palace opened in 1966. Both of my aunts and my uncle either bussed tables or served at the Noshoriam. My uncle moved onto become a room service manager at Caesars Palace. My mom worked as a ‘goddess’ (cocktail waitress) at Caesars Palace from 1986 to 1988,” said Silvaggio.

Now, Silvaggio is the latest in her family line to work for the empire and she is creating new memories of her own.

“I have been with the company for about two and a half years,” said Silvaggio. “ I was an intern from January through May of 2019; then I was officially hired as a junior publicist on the consumer public relations team.”

Silvaggio, a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said she discovered her passion for public relations during an internship at Caesars Entertainment.

“I was looking for an internship when I met a lovely woman named Michelle Loosbrock. She mentioned she did PR. Her agency had been working with Caesars then and still currently does,” explained Silvaggio. “She asked for my contact information, and a couple of weeks later I had an email from Caesars Entertainment asking if I would like to interview to intern for the PR team.”

During her time as an intern with Caesars Entertainment, Silvaggio has been able to work Vegas Uncork’d and the grand opening of the Backstreet Boys’ residency.

She said she was on “cloud nine” during her five months as an intern.

“I’m not sure if I would even be as adoring of my career choice if I didn't work for Caesars. I think the mix of what PR is and who/what I do my job for is really what makes me so passionate about my job,” said Silvaggio. “There’s been so many amazing experiences in my time here.”

Silvaggio said she credits her colleagues, Director of Public Relations-Hospitality Chelsea Ryder, and Vice President of Consumer Public Relations Celena Haas-Stacey, for making her time at Caesars Entertainment so memorable.

“When I first met Celena as an intern, I was a bit intimidated. She is one of the most successful people I’ve met,” said Silvaggio. “Even at her high position, she has always made me feel like my ideas are valued and has a way of making me comfortable in sharing my input on big initiatives.”

Silvaggio said Ryder gave her advice on her first day with the company that has remained on her mind with every role she assumes.

“She told me at the time that my internship will be what I make of it,” said Silvaggio. Adding, she learned that if she puts in the work, then she will reap the reward, and never get discouraged along the way. “Attitude is everything,” exclaimed Silvaggio.

Silvaggio said she not only found a mentor in Ryder but a best friend as well.

“I feel extremely blessed to work under her and learn from her. I hope to be the kind of boss she is to me one day,” said Silvaggio.

Not everyone can say they truly love their job, but Silvaggio shows it in her work and attitude at work every day.

“I am excited to come to work each day. Caesars is one of the most iconic names in the industry. Having the opportunity to see all of the unparalleled experiences this company drives and also hearing stories from my family about their time here has shown me that the name has held true after all these years,” said Silvaggio.