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Jan 23, 2019

Training Our Team Members to Recognize Red Flags for Potential Human Trafficking

by Caesars Entertainment

Human trafficking is an urgent and complex challenge facing the hospitality industry today. Because its prevalence across the industry, we have an obligation to train all of our team members to take action if they suspect instances of human trafficking at Caesars Entertainment affiliated properties.

At Caesars, we have developed a suite of victim-centered training materials, making us a leader in the hospitality industry. We have created an internal protocol supported by a suite of educational materials, including an online portal for team members, a toolkit and action guides. Additionally, we have trained all customer-facing and security team members across our Las Vegas properties. We have also appointed volunteer Community Engagement Ambassadors (CEAs) as leaders in addressing sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation on 12 properties in Nevada and North Carolina.

In order to conduct their crime of selling sex, traffickers rely upon a lack of awareness of what human trafficking actually looks like to remain unseen in plain sight. As a result, we are diligent in ensuring our team members are well-equipped to identify suspicious signs – such as a person constantly circulating the casino floor as if they’re looking for someone – so they can take the proper action needed.

Some preliminary results from our team member training include:

·         72% reported they felt better prepared to handle potential sex trafficking incidents in the workplace

·         100% reported feeling more compassion for individuals who are sexually exploited

·         There was a shift from 47% to 93% who reported understanding the falsity of the statement “most people who sell sex choose to freely do this.”

Read on to learn about our Community Engagement Ambassador program in the words of Cynthia,* a security shift supervisor and trained Community Engagement Ambassador at one of our affiliated North American properties:

”As a Community Engagement Ambassador, I help implement Caesars Entertainment’s new policy and procedures for our anti-human trafficking program. Basically, we ensure we’ve integrated it into our day-to-day work. We have spread awareness to every employee in the security department so they understand what human trafficking is and how to spot it. As security staff, our job is to maintain peace and safety. People who work on the casino floor or in our hotel receive training on what to do if they are asked for help. They are instructed to contact security for all need, and we take it from there based on our extensive training.

There are so many things that I wish more guests and employees knew. The most important thing to remember is that trafficked people are, in fact, victims who are used to being treated without dignity or respect. One simple gesture of kindness can change everything for them: It tells them that we are here to help and that they can get out of this horrible situation.”

Caesars Entertainment Community Engagement Ambassadors and team members will remain a critical element of what we do to prevent human trafficking from ever taking place on Caesars affiliated properties – or anywhere in our communities.

*Cynthia is a pseudonym for a real Caesars Entertainment Community Engagement Ambassador