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Spa & Wellness Services

Embark on an extraordinary journey of rejuvenation, balance and pure relaxation at Qua Spa in Dubai, the award-winning wellness concept from Las Vegas where Japanese technologies and luxurious spa treatments sooth mind and body. Set on the city’s new island oasis, Qua Spa lets you indulge in signature experiences from facials and body treatments to an array of massages, making it the ultimate spot for the quintessential spa day.

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The Iyashi Dome

The first of its kind in the UAE, the Iyashi Dome uses state-of-the-art infrared rays to deeply cleanse the body, restore its balance and gain efficient and long-lasting slimming effects. Inspired by traditional Japanese practice, ‘Suna Ryoho’ – where the locals bury themselves in the sand near hot springs on the beach to eliminate toxins, this spa treatment also burns up to 600 calories a session, making it a must for wellness connoisseurs looking for a serious detox.


The Psammo Concept Quartz Bed

Based on hot sand therapy originally used in Ancient Egypt to treat medical ailments, the groundbreaking Psammo Concept Quartz Bed is derived from the age-old concept of thermal therapy for mental and physical relaxation. Integrating the multiple benefits of sand therapy, aromatherapy, inversion therapy and wave-like massage, the quartz sand bed treatment offers the chance to experience something truly special.



Qua Spa has carefully selected its skincare and body care products with a cutting-edge formula for instant results. The lady’s collection includes Carol Joy London products – leading facial technology – with 24 carat gold to encourage cell regeneration. Part of the men’s collection, Gentlemen’s Tonic from Mayfair, London offers products formulated solely with men’s skin in mind. Elemental Herbology has the pursuit of good health, nutrition and wellness at its core with products being packed with nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Qua Spa Golden Leaf Facial

Qua Spa Services

Signature Experiences
A selection of signature treatments aiming to deeply cleanse the body, restore its balance and to provide mental and physical relaxation.

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Ladies' Collection
Experience the difference with a complete menu of treatments, including facials, and massages specially designed for Ladies.

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Men's Collection
Indulge with a variety of spa treatments dedicated to the needs of men that incorporate only natural plant-derived ingredients.

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Classic Massage Collection
Rejuvenate your body and restore inner balance with an array of therapeutic massages, inspired by ancient traditions.

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The Sol - Sun Care Treatment
Explore a variety of nourishing and soothing treatments for before & after sun exposure.

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Daily, 08:00 - 21:00

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness & Wellness

Cardio machines, strengthening machines, functional and flexibility machines, ARKE, upper and lower training machines, and core training accessories by TechnoGym.

Wellness Activities
For those seeking to distress and build stamina, our fitness center also offers an inspiring array of fitness classes such as Mindful Yoga, Meditation, Sunset Yoga, Core Stretching, High Intensity Training, Kick Boxing and Personal Training.

Aqua Fit
Join our Aqua Fit classes to have fun while exercising! Try our Aqua circuit training with Aqua Bike, Aqua Treadmill and Aqua Trampoline.

Fitness Gallery
07:00 - 20:00


The Psammo Concept Quartz Bed Treatment

The Psammo Concept Quartz Bed Treatment

Sooth your senses and de-stress with this ground-breaking treatment for total mental and physical relaxation.


A single session costs AED 300, or it can be enjoyed as part of one of the Signature Treatments.

Golden Glow spa services promotion - Qua Spa at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai

The Arabian Gold Package

Glow like Cleopatra with a 24-carat Gold and Pure Collagen skin brightening facial.

Age defiance and relaxation. This Signature Treatment consists of a Psammo Concept Quartz Bed session, a Signature Senses collection body massage and a Golden facial by Carol Joy.


The Arabian Gold package costs AED 1,690.

Happiness – Wellness Treatment by NEOM

Happiness – Wellness Treatment by NEOM

Immune Boost and Balance. The balancing and uplifting Happiness Treatment improves circulation and naturally boost endorphins, leaving guests feeling the best version of themselves.


Available for 50 and 80 minutes, the treatment is AED 550 and AED 700, respectively.

Energy – Wellness Treatment by NEOM

Energy – Wellness Treatment by NEOM

Immune Boost and Invigorate. This recharging treatment is perfect to relieve tension and stimulate mind. Packed with zesty essential oils, it is ideal for those hot summer days or when you just need a re-charge.


Available for 50 and 80 minutes, the treatment is AED 550 and AED 700, respectively.

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