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No Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament*

Sunday 12:30 p.m.

  • $25 buy-in/5,000 chips
  • Two $10 add-ons/2,000 chips each at the break
  • Early bird chips can still be earned up to three hours for an additional 4,000 chips


Monday Madness NLH Tournament *

Monday 7:30 p.m.

  • $25 buy-in/4,000 chips
  • $5 re-buys/1,000 unlimited first hour, must be below 3,000
  • $10 add-ons/2,000 each after the 6th round up to two times
  • $50 added to prize pool per table

No Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament

Guaranteed $500 Prize Pool*

Saturday 12:30 p.m.

  • $50 buy-in/5000 chips
  • No re-buys or add-ons
  • Early bird chips can still be earned up to three hours for an additional 4,000 chips
  • Minimum of five players needed to hold the tournament.


No Limit Hold ‘Em*

Thursday 5:30 p.m.

  • $20 buy-in/4,000 chips
  • Three $10 rebuys/1,000 chips each
  • Two $10 add-ons/3,000 chips each at the break
  • Early bird chips can still be earned up to three hours for an additional 4000 chips

WSOP table
World Series of Poker

$1,000 Prize Pool No Limit Hold’Em Tournament*

Wednesday 7:30 p.m.

  • $80 buy-in/10,000 chips
  • Winner receives $1,000 WSOP seat plus $200 cash.
  • $1,000 cash option for 1st place winner in lue of WSOP seat
  • Minimum of 20 players needed to run this tournament

Harrahs-Resort Southern California-Gaming-Poker-Room-2


Sunday 5:30 p.m.

  • 10,000 chips
  • Winner receives $1,500 seat at the Rio Las Vegas WSOP 2016 & $250 in cash.
  • No rebuys, add-ons or Bonus chips allowed
  • Minimum of 20 players needed to run this tournament.

  • Global-Gaming-Poker-2
    Open to Close

    6-4 High/Low - Cracked wins a Rack – Omaha and Stud

    $100 will be given to the player who loses a hand with a “6-4 low” in Omaha and Stud High/Low games. Minimum of $20 must be in the pot and 4 players. Maximum of three (3) 6-4 H/L Cracked will be paid per day.

    Open to close | Prize pool doubles Midnight to Close | Bonus is contingent upon continuous play

    Aces Cracked

    Player must have a pocket pair of Aces and lose the hand in any live raked Texas Hold-Em game. Must have a minimum of four players and $20 in the pot.

    During select Suns NBA Games

    Suns NBA Splashes SPLASH POTS!

    Splash pots will be added to every live game when the favored team scores: 25 points = $25 50 points = $50 75 points = $75 100 points = $100 If the favored team wins another $100 splash pot will be added to all live games, if the underdog wins a $200 splash pot will be added to every live game.

  • Harrahs-Chester-Gaming-Poker-3
    24/7, Texas Holdem and Omaha

    Best Hand

    $300 2nd best hand, $200 best hand, $50 per person table share

    Daily Open – 5:30 p.m. | Except during any sporting event splash pots

    Splash pot Bonanza | Texas Hold-Em

    Splash pots every half hour at the top and bottom of every hour. Players with missed blinds, more than 10 minutes of lobby time and not playing in the hand prior are not eligible. The first table to open with six players at 9 a.m. weekends or 10 a.m. weekdays receives a double splash pot.

    Texas Hold-Em: 3-6 = $20, 4-8 = $30, 5-10+ = $40

    Omaha or Mix Games: 5-10+ = $25

    Open to Close

    D-Backs Splash Pots

    Multiple televised games per week. Every inning the Diamondbacks score = $50 splash pot If the Diamondbacks win, another $100 splash pot.

Certain restrictions may apply to all promotions. Please see a Poker Room employee for full details of all promotions. Promotions are subject to change without notice.

*Early bird chips are available for selected tournaments. Players playing up to three hours of live play, either before or after selected tournaments are eligible. Live play prior to the tournament is eligible for the same day’s tournament only; live play after the tournament is eligible for the following week’s same tournament:
1 hour: 1,000 chips  2 hours: 2,500 chips  3 hours: 4,000 chips