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Sunday: 9AM - Last Game
Tuesday: 9AM - Last Game
Wednesday: 1PM - Last Game
Thursday: 1PM - Last Game
Friday: 1PM - Last Game
Saturday: 11AM - Last Game


Weekday High Hand Board

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 1PM – 11PM

Make Jacks Full or better in Hold 'Em or Quad Jacks or better in Omaha and choose a squareon the high hand board.

Win Food Comps, WSOP Merchandise, Splash Pots, or up to $400

NFL Splash Pots


$25 for each Touch Down, Field Goal, Interception, Fumble Recovery

$50 for each Interception, Fumble, Kick off or Punt that is returned for a Touch Down


$50 for each Touch Down and $25 for each Field Goal scored by the first team to score

Extra $25 added to each splash pot for AZ professional football team scores

Sunday NFL Squares

Each Sunday play 1 hour before the first game or 90 minutes during the first or second game to earn a squares ticket. Earn up to 3 tickets.

1st and 3rd Quarter score $25 for exact score or reverse score 

2nd quarter and final score $50 for exact score or reverse score

Sizzling Poker Hot Seats

1PM to 11PM - Every Saturday

1 lucky guest selected each hour wins $75.



Lose with pocket aces in any 3-6 or higher Hold 'Em game and win $50 with mixed/red Aces or $100 with black Aces. 


Flop four-of-a-kind in any 3-6 or higher Hold 'Em games and win $250 with a pocket pair or $125 without a pocket pair.


Make a Royal Flush in any 3-6 or higher Hold 'Em game and win $100 in using one hole card or $200 if using both hold cards.


Lose a hand with a 6-4 low in any 4-8 or higher Omaha H/L or Big O game and win $50.


Lose a hand with a set of Aces (pocket Aces required) and win $50.


Make a Steel Wheel (A2345 Straight Flush) in any 4-8 or higher Omaha H/L or Big O game and win $50.


Arizona Heads-Up Championship Qualifier Sit-N-Go’s $40-$75 • Wednesday & Thursday

NLH Tournament $30 • Friday • 7:30PM

$500 Guaranteed NLH Tournament $50 • Saturday • 12:30PM

NLH Tournament $30 • Saturday • 8:30PM

Deuces Wild NLH $55 • Tuesday • 7:30PM

Certain restrictions may apply to all promotions. Please see a Poker Room employee for full details of all promotions. Promotions are subject to change without notice.

Early bird chips are available for selected tournaments. Players playing up to three hours of live play, either before or after selected tournaments are eligible. Live play prior to the tournament is eligible for the same day’s tournament only; live play after the tournament is eligible for the following week’s same tournament: 1 hour: 500 chips  2 hours: 1,000 chips  3 hours: 3,000 chips