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Splash Pot Bonanza

Open to Close daily, every half hour, 10 Minute Lobby Rule applies. Superseded by sports events. 

Texas Hold-em 2-4 = $10, 3-6 = $25, 4-8 = $30, 5-10 =$40. Omaha, Stud 5-10 or higher $25 

6-4 Cracked

Open until the last game closes. Daily - No maximum per day. 

Omaha H/L, Pineapple H/L, and 7-Card Stud H/L 6-4 low beaten by an Ace, 2,3,4,5 wins $100 Steel Wheel Bonus - Omaha 

Ace Cracked

Open until the last game closes. Daily 

Texas Hold-em - Lose with pocket Aces and receive $20 on a 2-4 game, $50 on a 3-6 game or higher game. 

Steel Wheel Bonus

Open until the last game closes. Daily Superseded by sports events. 

Participant who wins a hand with a Steel Wheel (A-2-3-4-5 Daily same suit) will receive $50.00. 

Royal Flush Bonus

Participants who win a hand with a Royal Flush (A-K-Q-J- 10 same suit) will receive $50.00. 

Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot

Texas Hold-em - Quads beaten Omaha - Quad 9's beaten Win the posted amount. 

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Certain restrictions may apply to all promotions. Please see a Poker Room employee for full details of all promotions. Promotions are subject to change without notice.

*Early bird chips are available for selected tournaments. Players playing up to three hours of live play, either before or after selected tournaments are eligible. Live play prior to the tournament is eligible for the same day’s tournament only; live play after the tournament is eligible for the following week’s same tournament: 1 hour: 1,000 chips  2 hours: 2,500 chips  3 hours: 4,000 chips