Live at The Lounge




When you Come Out and Play at Harrah's Ak-Chin, you can enjoy the lively side of Arizona nightlife with live music and free entertainment in The Lounge.

Entertainment offerings are diverse but always on point. No matter whether your perfect night out has a soundtrack of classic rock, R&B or country, you'll definitely want to make The Lounge part of any fun getaway at Harrah's!





Saturday 11/21 Walkens 8pm - 1am      
Tuesday 11/24 John Eric Duo 5pm - 8pm      
Wednesday 11/25 XO 12pm - 4pm      
Wednesday 11/25 Silhouette 5pm - 8pm      
Thursday 11/26 Stars of Beatlemania 6pm & 8pm      
Friday 11/27 Phillip Bauer 8pm & 10pm      
Saturday 11/28 Young Country 8pm - 1am      
Tuesday 12/1 Stanley Serano Trio 5pm - 8pm      
Wednesday 12/2 Guy Pennachio 12pm - 4pm      
Wednesday 12/2 Western Fusion Trio 5pm - 8pm      
Thursday 12/3 Football        
Friday 12/4 Born Jovi 8pm & 10pm      
Saturday 12/5 Born Jovi 8pm & 10pm      
Sunday 12/6 Football        
Monday 12/7 Football        
Tuesday 12/8 John Eric Duo 5pm - 8pm      
Wednesday 12/9 Joe Costello Syndicate 12pm - 4pm      
Wednesday 12/9 Stanley Serano Trio 5pm - 8pm      
Thursday 12/10 Football        
Friday 12/11 Chad Freeman & Redline 8pm - 1am      
Saturday 12/12 Solace 8pm - 1am      
Sunday 12/13 Football        
Monday 12/14 Football        
Tuesday 12/15 Karen & Pat 5pm-8pm      
Wednesday 12/16 Bandstand Shows 12pm-4pm      
Wednesday 12/16 Stanley Serano Trio 5pm-8pm      
Thursday 12/17 Football        
Friday 12/18 One of these Nights 8pm & 10pm      
Saturday 12/19 The Walkens 12PM - 4PM      
Saturday 12/19 Smooth Groove 8pm - 1am      
Sunday 12/20 Football        
Monday 12/21 Football        
Tuesday 12/22 Flavour 5pm-8pm      
Wednesday 12/23 Silhouette 12pm-4pm      
Wednesday 12/23 Stanley Serano Trio 5pm-8pm      
Thursday 12/24 Bandstand Shows 12PM - 3:30PM      
Friday 12/25 ZGF 8pm-1am      
Saturday 12/26 The Walkens (full band) 8pm-1am      
Sunday 12/27 Basketball Jones 7pm-11pm      
Monday 12/28 Smooth Groove 7pm-11pm      
Tuesday 12/29 Flavour 5pm-8pm      
Wednesday 12/30 Southbound - The Buddy Holly Review 1pm & 3pm      
Wednesday 12/30 The Walkens Trio 5pm-8pm      
Thursday 12/31 Pop Vinyl 8pm; 10pm; 12am