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Diamond Lounge

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Sunday2PM - 9PM

Monday2PM - 9PM

Tuesday2PM - 9PM

Wednesday2PM - 9PM

Thursday2PM - 9PM

Friday2PM - 11PM

Saturday2PM - 11PM

The Diamond Lounge is Now Open

We'd like to invite you to visit us and experience our new Diamond Lounge. We're sure you'll love the new features including lounge seating, a full-service bar, an all-new menu and extended hours! Enjoy snacks, served throughout the day! Plus, receive a choice of chef-prepared appetizers, or desserts, served from 3PM to 8PM daily.

Diamond members with a 2017 Tier Score less than 25,000 receive access for 1,000 Reward Credits and can invite a guest for an additional 1,000 Reward Credits. Diamond members who have earned less than a 25,000 Tier Score in 2017 can receive complimentary access to the Diamond Lounge by earning 6,000 Tier Credits by March 31, 2018. Additional admission and tier earning information for the remainder of 2018 can be found in the chart below. Diamond members with a 2017 Tier Score of 25,000 or more receive complimentary access for themselves plus one guest. Up to two additional guests can join for 1,000 Reward Credits each.

Seven Stars members receive complimentary access for themselves and up to 3 guests.

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This offer does not apply to Atlantic City or Windsor Diamond Lounges. Members must have a 2017 or 2018 Tier Score of at least 25,000 to gain complimentary access at these locations. 1Member must earn the Tier Score criteria by each target date indicated in order to qualify for the next target(s) and continue receiving complimentary access. Otherwise, they must earn a Tier Score of 25,000 to receive complimentary access. (For example: If a member does not reach a Tier Score of 6,000 by 3/31/18, then they will not receive complimentary access to the Diamond Lounge unless they reach a Tier Score of 25,000 - even if they reach 12,000 by 6/30/18 or 18,000 by 9/30/18.) Members who exceed the Tier Score target for more than one period will have access through the end of that corresponding period. (For example: If a member earns a Tier Score of 12,000 by 2/1/18, then they will receive complimentary access through 9/30/18.)