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$50,000 Championship of Bags Cornhole

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THURSDAY, JULY 20 AT 7PM - $20,000 Finals NIght

FRIDAY, JULY 21 AT 5PM - $10,000 COBS Doubles Championship

SATURDAY, JULY 22 AT 2PM - $20,000 COBS Singles Championship

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• Bag on Board = 1 point.

• Bag through Hole = 3 points.

• Bags that hit the ground prior to landing on the board or going into the hole do not count.

• Any bag hanging off the board and touching the ground does not count.

• Any bag hanging in the hole only counts as 1 point.

• Cancellation scoring is used at the end of each round. After all 8 bags have been

thrown, the score is calculated based on the bags that remain on the board and have gone in the hole. If Team A has 4 points and Team B has 3 points, Team A will get 1 point.

• A game is played to 21+. There is no win by 2 or bust rule for going over 21.


• Coin toss takes all – The player that wins the coin toss choses the initial side of board to throw from and whether to start out throwing first or second.

• Players will alternate throwing their 4 bags down to the board on the other end.

• Throwing out of turn or outside the throwing box is a foul. The bag that was thrown when

the foul occurred does not count and is immediately removed from play.

• In Singles, once the first round is completed, players will walk down to score the round, stay on the same side and then throw back for the next round. This means that if Player A throws down from the right side of the board in the first round, Player A will be throwing back from the left side of the board in the second round.

• In Doubles, partners stand on the opposite side from each other. This means that one player from Team A will throw from the right side of the board on one end and the partner will be throwing from the left side of the board on the other end.