Oyster Bar

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What’s fresh off the docks? Find out at the Harrah’s Las Vegas Oyster Bar. High-quality fresh steamers, shrimp, lobster, crab, clam chowder and calamari are served up by the friendly chefs at Harrah’s Oyster Bar.

Oysters are prepared six ways, including shooters. Besides simply prepared fish and shellfish, the Oyster Bar serves Las Vegas seafood lovers creative salads like grilled squid and crab Louis, plus pasta dishes, flavorful blackened Cajun scallops and cioppino.


  • Enjoy fresh-off-the-docks oysters
  • Sample six different oyster preparations
  • The expansive menu has everything from seafood to cocktails and desserts
  • Creative oyster concepts like BBQ grilled oysters or Pico de Oysters
  • Try the seafood risotto, a customer favorite



Oyster Bar at Harrah's has now become just as, if not more popular, than the neighboring Italian restaurant. This, in part, is because of the casual raised-seating, 360-degree bar area where you can watch your fresh seafood flown in daily, being prepared. First, start off with "O" shooters.

— Nikki Neu,

The tasty dishes and fresh seafood at Oyster Bar Harrah's Las Vegas has many loyal customers comparing this restaurant to other seafood joints in major cities located closer to water.