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Indulge in a feast for all your senses at The Buffet! Tastes from all corners of the globe to choose from presenting freshly grilled meats and sausages, fresh salad, seafood, hand-rolled sushi using the finest ingredients and a variety of cuisine types. With the finale featuring a gelato bar and an assortment of cakes and confections made daily by our dedicated pastry chefs.


Weekly Buffet Prices

Monday - Friday

    Lunch: $19.99 plus tax.                                                                             

Sunday - Thursday

    Dinner: $27.99 plus tax                                                                         

Saturday & Sunday

    Brunch: $26.99 plus tax                                                               

Friday & Saturday

    Dinner $32.99                                                    

Holiday hours and prices may vary.

Free for children 3 years & under!