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Horseshoe has always been the go-to for great casino gambling on the table games, and that true with Horseshoe Cincinnati. Our 87 table games will feature the best odds and the highest table limits.


The classic casino game, Twenty-one – better known as Blackjack – is a game of strategy and chance that pits each player against the dealer in a timeless battle: to get closer to 21 than your opponent, without going over. There’s nothing like the thrill of a natural Blackjack or the exhilaration of splitting aces to see them both connect. Though the basic strategy of Blackjack is easy to master, the game can often reflect the personality of its players!



Horseshoe offers 100x odds on the Craps table, giving serious gamblers the best odds around! With player-friendly rules like that and a hot hand, a fortune is yours to be made. In the game of Craps, there are countless wagering options to suit every taste and personality. But don’t be intimidated by all the betting choices if you’re a novice player, the basics of the game are simple to learn and in moments you’ll be cheering and high-fiving strangers as points connect and players win together in this classic casino table game.



Let It Ride is a popular poker variation where players make three bets, are dealt three cards and then have three chances to win! As each community card is revealed, players decide whether to pull their bets or Let It Ride. The Three Card Bonus side bet pays off on player hands of pair or better!



In Mississippi Stud Poker, Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati gamblers compete against a fixed paytable rather than against the dealer or each other; a pair of Jacks or better is a winning hand. The game is easy – make an ante bet to receive your first two cards. As the dealer reveals three community cards, players can make additional Street bets up to three times their ante. You can win big when Lady Luck is on your side!



In Four Card Poker, gamblers place the Ante wager to compete against the dealer and the Aces Up wager to play against the pay table. Each player receives five cards from which to make a four-card hand; the dealer assembles a four-card hand out of six cards. After the initial deal, the Play wager keeps the action going. This is a game that gives players multiple ways to win!



Three Card Poker is a Horseshoe table game that offers players a fun, fast-paced and easy to learn new twist on the classic game of Poker. It’s two games in one, with a unique bonus feature that gives a player up to four different ways to win, including the thrilling Six Card Bonus side bet. $1 Million top payout on the Six Card Bonus side bet for a Six Card Royal Flush of Diamonds.



Pure chance is the name of the game in Roulette, where a spinning wheel with numbered spaces from 1 to 36 (plus 0 and 00) tempts you to bet your lucky numbers. Is it a birthday? An address? Whatever number is special to you could come up a big winner!



The excitement of the World Series of Poker comes to life on this table game where each player goes heads-up against the dealer. As an added twist, place the wager on the Bonus Jackpot, which pays off up to 30:1 based on your hole cards.



In this exciting variation of the five-card classic, the thrill of heads-up play against the dealer combines with the big-money possibilities of the optional bonus bet that pays off for a final five-card hand of trips or better, with a 500:1 payout for a royal flush!



East meets West in this poker game where players form two hands from seven cards: one with five cards and one with two. Both hands go head-to-head against the banker’s, and whenever the player beats the banker on both hands, there’s your winner! You can also bet the optional Fortune Bonus, which pays off up to 8,000 to 1, and the Envy Bonus, which pays off up to $5,000 when another player at the table hits a big hand. Gamblers also have the option to become the banker and have all other gamblers’ hands and the banker compete against his/her hand.



"In Crazy Four, gamblers place the Ante wager and a Super Bonus wager, in an amount equal to the Ante wager, to compete against the dealer. The Super Bonus wager can win up to 200 to 1. Gamblers can also place an optional Queens Up wager to play against the pay table.  Each player, and the dealer, receive five cards from which to make a four-card hand.  After the initial deal, gamblers may place a Play wager in an amount that is one, two or three times their Ante wager if they hold a pair of Aces or better, or in an amount equal to their Ante wager if their hand is ranked lower than a pair of Aces."



James Bond’s casino table game of choice, baccarat is a longtime mainstay and may be the simplest game to learn. There is only one decision for a player to make—whether to wager on the "player" or the "bank". Two hands are dealt, you place your bet and whichever hand comes closest to 9 wins. Easy to learn, fun to play and the ultimate in sophistication—it’s no wonder baccarat is a favorite among table game players.



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