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Table Games

Group Playing Texas Hold Em at Horseshoe


Home of Best Odds & Highest Limits® For serious table game action, gamblers know that Horseshoe Hammond Chicago Casino is the place to find the best odds, like 100x on craps, and the highest limits, like $100,000 per hand on Baccarat. The Midwest’s top gambling destination features over 100 tables including Le Cheng, Chicagoland’s premier Asian gaming experience! 

Our High Limit room at Horseshoe Hammond includes $25,000 limits for 21+3 Blackjack, 5-Spot Blackjack and Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and $100,000 maximums on hand-held Mini Baccarat. 

Inside Le Cheng, guests will find games like Baccarat, Mini Baccarat Dragon Bonus and EZ Baccarat, in an atmosphere of exquisite detail and appropriate feng shui. Spacious and elegant, it features an oversized display of beautiful etched glass artwork within a classic rosewood stained cabinet.


"Boxcars," "Center Field," and "Shooting from The Don't." Craps is a game so unique it has a language all its own. The action at Horseshoe Hammond is the real deal, with the 100x odds that serious gamblers can only find here. Craps is a wildly popular and extremely gregarious game, but its specialized lingo and many betting options can intimidate first-timers. Never fear though, the rules are easy to pick up and within your first five minutes at the Craps tub, even beginning players will be caught up in the excitement!

We offer nine full-size craps tables.  Want a little more excitement? We’ve added even more fun with our new side bet, the ALL, TALL and SMALL wager, this side bet will give you a chance to win big! All you have to do is roll all the numbers 2-12 one time each before rolling a 7 to win huge bonuses. We also offer the Fire Bet side bet.  Talk about exciting!


Bet in on authentic gambling action with a fast-paced game of 21, also known as Blackjack – simply put, the most popular casino table game in the United States. The object of Blackjack is to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s without going over, or busting. Everyone at the table plays against the dealer, and Blackjack’s strategy can often reflect the personality of each player. We have over 30 Blackjack tables featuring Three Card, 21+3 and King's Bounty side bets.  We also have several popular variations of blackjack including 3 Spanish 21 games and 2 Double Deck Blackjack. We also now offer the Blazing 7’s progressive side bet on several of our blackjack tables!


Roulette is played in every major casino worldwide and could perhaps be the most popular table game on earth. The game consists of a wheel marked with numbers 1 through 36, and in American games, a 0 and 00. Bet your favorite numbers for big payouts on the inside portion of the layout, or take a better-odds bet on red or black, odd or even, or even full columns of numbers.  At Horseshoe you can choose from both traditional roulette and Rapid Roulette, which is played with a live dealer or electronic roulette games.  We offer 10 traditional and 2 electronic roulette tables.


Horseshoe Hammond has over 25 Mini- Baccarat tables with minimums starting at $10 and offers a mixture of both hand held and non-hand held tables. In addition, Horseshoe offers four EZ Baccarat, five Fortune Pai Gow and two Pai Gow Tiles tables. Gamblers can bet up to $100,000 per hand, a larger betting range than most casinos in the world, including those in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. We also offer a variety of side bets including the Dragon, Panda, Tie, and 99 Fortunes bets on our Baccarat table as well as the Fortune Bonus bet on Pai Gow Poker.

We offer both smoking and non-smoking baccarat areas.  The large LeCheng room offers smoking; the baccarat tables in the High Limit Tables Room are non-smoking.

Pai Gow Poker

One of the most popular games in today’s casinos, Pai Gow Poker combines modern poker with the ancient game of Pai Gow tiles to create a fun and relaxing gaming experience. You are dealt 7 cards and will split them into a 5-card high and a 2-card low hand. Your two hands will be compared to the dealer’s to decide a winner. The best part is the deck contains a joker which can be used as an Ace, or to complete a straight or a flush. The BIG money is offered on our Fortune Bonus side bet, where you can win big when your 7 cards contain a big poker hand. Payouts start with 3-of-a-kind or a straight, with huge bonuses paid for a 7-card straight flush or 5 aces.

3-Card Poker

Sometimes the simplest of games are the most fun. 3-Card Poker started a revolution for how people play casino games. Simple, easy to learn, and a lot of fun; 3-Card Poker is a game everyone enjoys. You and the dealer both get 3 cards and the best hand wins. Add to this our Pair Plus bonus bet and get paid every time your 3 cards contain a pair or higher, with big payouts for a straight flush or 3-of-a-kind.

DON’T FORGET… On 3-Card Poker, Horseshoe also offers our 6-Card bonus bet. This is where you can make the big money, by combining your 3 cards with the dealers 3 cards to win on a straight or higher. If you have the 9, 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of diamonds, you can win $100,000. 

Mississippi Stud

If you are looking for the chance to bet more when you have a good hand, Mississippi Stud is the game for you! You start with 2 cards which you will use in addition to 3 community cards to make your traditional 5-card poker hand. If you have a pair of jacks or better, you win (a pair of sixes through tens will push). We will let you bet up to 9 times your original bet, and the best part is that if you already have a pair of 6’s or better, there is no way to lose! Payouts top out at a whopping 500-1 on this game. Horseshoe also offers our 3-Card bonus and progressive jackpot on this game.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Who doesn’t love playing Texas Hold’Em? The poker game that has swept the nation and become the most popular poker game in the world, is now offered at Horseshoe. Just like in Hold’Em, you start with 2 cards, there are 5 community cards, you decide when to check or bet, and the best part is you only have to beat the dealer! We also offer the trips bonus bet, which pays you whenever your best 5 card hand has 3-of-a-kind or better, with huge payouts for a Royal Flush! Payouts top out at 500-1 on this game. Don’t miss out on the progressive jackpot.

High Card Flush

High Card Flush is a new way to play. You are dealt 7 cards, and all you are looking for is multiple cards of the same suit. You can bet more depending on how many suited cards you have. The two bonus bets pay out on how many cards of a suit you have, and if you have 3 or more cards that make a straight flush, the payouts get even bigger.