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Photo Of The Chariot Run Golf Course And Clubhouse At Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Hole #1 – 449 Yards – Par 4
This is a great looking hole from the tee and a splendid way to start your round. The hole moves left so hugging the left side is the best and closest approach to the green. The water on the right does not come into play off the tee but will challenge you on your second shot. This is a good dogleg to the left. The fairway is protected by a fairway bunker right. The green is protected left by a bunker and the water runs the entire length of the green right.

Hole #2 – 183 Yards – Par 3
This very nice par 3 is protected by water in front and up the right side and a bunker on the left side of the green. A good challenging hole requires a good crisp shot. A back right pin position will scare even the best players.

Hole #3 – 418 Yards – Par 4
This straight uphill par four will always play longer than its yardage. Hit your tee ball down the middle. This green sits well above the golfer who must clear greenside bunkers left and right to reach the green. The green is cut in two with an undulating rise. If the pin is in front do not hit to the back of the green, as it will be an extremely fast putt.

Hole #4 – 217 Yards – Par 3
Long par 3 with bunkers surrounding the green left and right. Aim for the middle of the green and walk away with par on this difficult par 3. Best shot is to hit short of the green in true links fashion and let the ball feed to the hole.

Hole #5 – 553 Yards – Par 5
This slight dogleg left par five is a good birdie opportunity. The water on the right does not come into play off the tee but does on the second and third shots. Bunkers protect the left side off the tee but staying left is where you want to be. This hole is wide open and fairly forgiving so let it rip.

Hole #6 – 402 Yards – Par 4
The tee shot here is very important on this sharp dogleg right. A very large and menacing bunker protects the right side of this fairway. A drive that is left and long will end up in the water hazard that protects the left side of this fairway. The long hitter can hit it over the bunker on the right and set up for a very short chip shot. The best drive will hug the right side of the fairway leaving a very short pitch to this slightly uphill green which is protected by a very deep front bunker that you do not want to be in.

Hole #7 – 436 Yards – Par 4
Water lines the entire right side of this hole. Stay left off the tee but avoid the fairway bunker. Your second shot will be slightly uphill and the green is protected by a bunker on the right. A very challenging par four that requires a shot to land short of the green as holding this green is very difficult.

Hole #8 – 528 Yards – Par 5
This is a great par 5 that doglegs to the right. Avoid the right and left fairway bunkers off the tee and you will be on your way. The second shot requires a good shot to put you in position for an uphill third shot. You can try for this green in two as it will require a long fairway wood to this uphill green that sits perfectly against the hill behind it. A very large bunker protects this green on the right and will be in your head if you go for it in two.

Hole #9 – 467 Yards – Par 4
This slight dogleg left monster is long and requires two well struck shots to reach this green. The creek winds down the entire left side of this hole and bunkers line the right and left sides of this fairway. Play the hole up the right side and hit it hard. The green is well protected with bunkers front left and right and a pond left. Your outward half is complete on a very difficult hole.

Hole #10 – 438 Yards – Par 4
This slight dog leg right par four requires a drive down the left side of the fairway as the green slants from left to right. Fairway bunkers left and right need to be avoided for any chance to hit this green in regulation. The green slants from left to right with a small ridge running through the middle of the green. Back right pin placement is the most difficult as a bunker runs up the right side of the green.

Hole #11 – 526 Yards – Par 5
This tee is the highest elevation on the golf course. From here you can see the green and the beauty of Chariot Run. The tee ball needs to be up the left side as trees and grassy heather comes into play on the right. If you hit it far enough, your ball will catch the downhill ridge and will roll for a while. The second shot is where a decision will have to be made. You can go for the elevated well bunkered narrow green in two or play safe to left of the green. The bunker in front of this green must be avoided as one of the most difficult bunker shots awaits your misguided shot. The fairway does extend left of the green and is hidden from view from the fairway. A very good risk, reward hole.

Hole # 12 – 195 Yards – Par 3
What I think is one of the prettiest holes on the course. Water protects the entire left and front of the green. The green slopes from right to left and the ball out read right is a good place to miss it but will test your short game skills. The tee is slightly higher which will make it a little shorter than what it says.

Hole #13 – 349 Yards – Par 4
This unique hole has some fun challenges to it. The hole is actually a slight uphill dogleg left. The fairway is split in two by one large ominous fairway bunker that must be avoided. The drive can either be played to the left which leaves a short chip to this elevated green or if the drive is to the right you will find a blind second shot of about 75 yards. You choose. You will not be able to see the bottom of the pin on your second shot unless you drive the green. The green is bunkered on the left with a very treacherous shot to the green.

Hole #14 – 453 Yards – Par 4
Easily the toughest hole on the back nine. A slight downhill dogleg left with a fairway bunker protecting the left and right sides. The green slants from left to right and a meandering creek protects the entire right side of this green. A greenside bunker left also protects this green. The rock formations behind this green add to the beauty of this hole.

Hole #15 – 177 Yards – Par 3
A picturesque par three. The green is below the tee surface and is protected by the creek in front and to the right of the green. Bunkers also line the left, right and back of the green. A plateau on the left backside of this greens protects the back left pin placement. Make sure to get it to the hole when the pin is back left.

Hole #16 - 419 Yards – Par 4
A beauty and a very good test of golf. This hole is tree lined from start to finish. A slight dogleg to the right, this par four requires an accurate drive, second shot, and putt. Bunkers line the left side of the fairway. The second shot which is best played from the right side of the fairway, is to an uphill green that slants from the right to left. If you are short and left of the green you will find a menacing deep grass bunker. This is the hole to hit your best shots.

Hole #17 – 426 Yards – Par 4
Shooting from the trees, this downhill dogleg left hole will have you breathing again. The drive is crucial and sets up a downhill second shot that will ease the pain of the last hole. Drive the ball to the left side of the fairway and avoid the fairway bunker left and right for a good view of the slightly undulating green. This green is protected on the front right and left with bunkers.

Hole #18 - 533 Yards – Par 5
Standing on this tee you will think that clearing the water is impossible. The creek runs in front and up the entire right side of this fairway. It offers an exceptional challenge off the tee. The hole moves slightly to the right and is all uphill. Trying to reach it in two will be tough as the green is protected by a small pond on the right side and a single bunker on the left. A good par five from start to finish and a great way to finish your round.