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Smoke & Rye Entertainment

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Bourbon aged to distinction. Meat smoked to perfection. Add a splash of spirit to your next drink from the broadest selection of more than 160 varieties of bourbon and rye under one roof. While enjoying your burger, add a side of entertainment for a full-bodied night with us.Smoke & Rye combines great burgers, amazing BBQ and a large selection of local Bourbon and Rye whiskey and specialty bourbon cocktails.

In addition, guests can unwind to enjoy a great meal, local entertainment and great service at the most unique dining, bar and party scenes in the Louisville metro area

Smoke & Rye

4/6 | Artie Dean Harris

4/7 | Korey Wayne Sorg

4/13 | JD Shelburne

4/14 | Cover Me Badd

4/20 | Goldy Locks

4/21 | Bigg Country

4/27 | Crossroad Station

4/28 | Rock Station