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Las Vegas Hotels Featured in Movie Scenes

Experiencing Las Vegas on the big screen can never compare to being here in person, but that doesn’t stop Hollywood from setting major films on the Strip time and time again. Some of the most notable Las Vegas hotels have played memorable roles in a wide variety of movies over the years, from hit comedies to award-winning dramas to campy cult favorites and much more. Here are some examples of Caesars hotels that have given screen-stealing performances throughout the decades.

Caesars Palace

No hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is as legendary or iconic as Caesars Palace, which is why it continues to dominate the competition in total number of on-screen appearances. 

Caesars Palace received one of its biggest displays to date in the 2009 smash The Hangover, where Zach Galifianakis helped us finally answer the question, “Did Caesar live here?” (SPOILER: No.) The movie was so successful it helped introduce the excitement of Caesars Palace to a new generation, and led to an encore appearance in 2013’s The Hangover Part III.

Rain Man won multiple Academy Awards in 1989, including Best Picture, Director, and Actor in a Leading Role. While Caesars Palace itself may not have been nominated, it clearly left an impact on moviegoers who continue to inquire about the incredible Forum Tower Emperors Suite depicted to this day.

Associating with Caesars Palace led to Oscar gold once again in 2007, when Jennifer Hudson won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Dreamgirls. Of course, a Caesars Palace appearance is no guarantee that a movie will receive Hollywood’s highest honor – just ask the makers of 1995’s notorious Showgirls, which dominated the following year’s Golden Raspberry (“Razzie”) Awards.

Robert Redford rode a horse through the casino in 1979’s The Electric Horseman. Dom DeLuise reigned over Caesars Palace as Nero in the hilarious 1981 Mel Brooks feature History of the World, Part 1. The Coen Brothers put a classic screwball comedy spin on their inimitable filmmaking style in 2003’s Intolerable Cruelty, which put Caesars suites on the big screen once more. The list goes on and on!

Planet Hollywood 

But Caesars Palace is far from the only Las Vegas hotel to leave its mark on film history. It should come as no surprise that Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has been showing up on-screen more and more, given the property’s dedication to movie magic. Judd Apatow has granted Planet Hollywood ample screen time in not one but two hit comedy productions, Knocked Up (2007) and Get Him to the Greek (2010). 


Flamingo Las Vegas has a colorful filmography to match the hotel’s own storied past. Barry Levinson and Warren Beatty depicted a somewhat fictionalized version of the Flamingo’s earliest days in the 1991 biopic Bugsy. The King himself, Elvis Presley, starred alongside the Flamingo in 1964’s Viva Las Vegas. And to get a good sense of just how long this hotel’s cinematic history spans, look no further than Ocean’s 11 – either one! The Flamingo can be seen in both the 1960 original and the 2001 remake.


Bally’s Las Vegas has provided a memorable setting in films as diverse as Honeymoon in Vegas and Rocky IV. In 1995, Bally’s took a cue from Caesars Palace and served as the backdrop for yet another Oscar winner, Leaving Las Vegas.

Other Las Vegas Cameos

Of course, there’s only one true way to know whether a location has reached the highest rung on the Hollywood movie ladder: has it been demolished in a blockbuster disaster film? When it comes to Caesars Entertainment properties, that answer is a resounding yes! Zombies surrounded Paris Las Vegas in 2007’s Resident Evil: Extinction. The very same hotel and its Eiffel Tower were obliterated in 2009’s 2012. And Caesars Palace was wiped out by the emperor of disaster movies himself, Godzilla, in his newest 2014 incarnation.

Come visit Las Vegas and explore Caesars hotels for yourself. If the Strip never fails to thrill at the cinema, just imagine the fun you can have when you’re immersed in the very places that have captivated viewers for generations!