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Rio - Las Vegas Meeting and Convention Space


It’s only natural that a place that moves to the rhythm of the samba would host exciting events that flow with an effortless grace. Rio’s dazzling Pavilion Conference Center was carefully designed and engineered to accommodate a multitude of purposes with a minimum of fuss. The endlessly flexible space incorporates automatic lifts, built-in stages, drop-down ceiling grids and other conveniences that take the hard work out of the equation and open up a world of creative possibilities. Even the traffic flow was carefully calculated to make it easier for you to get your guests where you want them. At Rio, you can count on a successful meeting every time, without missing a beat.

Meeting Highlights

  • At 55,000 square feet, the Pavilion Ballroom can accommodate almost any size or type of event and is engineered for cost-effective set up and tear down.
  • The 39,060-square-foot Amazon Ballroom offers countless configurations and over 18 breakout rooms of various sizes.
  • With a 24-foot-high ceiling, concert-quality sound and a built-in stage, the 20,306-square-foot Brasilia Ballroom is ideal for medium- to large-sized banquets or presentation-driven functions.


  • One-of-a-kind venues from the Penn & Teller Theater to the Wine Cellar & Barrel Room can bring even more excitement to your event at the Rio.

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