National Slot League Overview


  • Millionaire Maker National Slot League is concluded for 2014. Check back later for 2015 dates.


  • This promotion is open to all Total Rewards® card holders.
  • Total Rewards members must qualify for each specific National Slot League tournament in order to participate in that tournament and receive National Slot League points. Requirements to participate in each tournament may vary and will be listed in each tournament’s official rules. 
  • Total Rewards members may participate in an unlimited number of National Slot League tournaments for which they are eligible.


  • For Participating in the Tournament: Each destination shall award the same predetermined amount of National Slot League points to all participants of each individual National Slot League tournament. The number of points awarded for each tournament may vary from one tournament to another and will be listed on the tournament’s invitation and official rules.
  • For Winning First Place in the Tournament: The first place winner of each National Slot League tournament will be awarded 500 National Slot League points on top of the points awarded for participating in that tournament.
  • All participants of a tournament awarding National Slot League points will automatically receive National Slot League points. No activation required.


  • Each participant’s National Slot League points will be summed and ranked from highest to lowest to determine their score in the National Slot League.
  • The participants ranked 1st through 200th place, inclusive of ties, after the conclusion of all National Slot League tournaments, will be invited to participate in the 2014 Millionaire Maker Finale Slot Tournament to be held at a Caesars Entertainment property.


  • Participants may view their current standing in the National Slot League by visiting
  • Caesars reserves the right to update the National Slot League rankings as they see fit.
  • A participant’s name or Total Rewards number listed on does not certify eligibility into the Millionaire Maker Finale Slot Tournament.
  • The winning participants of the National Slot League will be notified via mail or other marketing methods.


  • There are two ways for a participant to win a position in the 2014 Millionaire Maker Finale Slot Tournament, via a Millionaire Maker Automatic Qualifying Event or the Millionaire Maker National Slot League.
  • Each National Slot League tournament will submit official tournament rules to their required regulators, as applicable.
  • Millionaire Maker Automatic Qualifier Tournaments are not required to award National Slot League points. Please see tournament’s official rules for eligibility.
  • National Slot League points will be noted on the invitation and in the tournament’s official rules.
  • Odds of qualifying for the Millionaire Maker Finals through the National Slot League are dependent upon the number of participants and number of points each participant receives as they relate to all other participants in the National Slot League.
  • The $1,000,000 prize for Millionaire Maker is awarded via a separate promotion and will be paid via 20 year annuity or discounted lump sum.