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Travel Information

Thank you for flying Caesars Rewards Air®. Below you will find the answer to many frequently asked questions as well as information to help prepare you for your trip. Have a great flight and experience at one of our many Caesars Entertainment hotels and casinos across the country.

Tour Participation Agreement

Caesars Rewards Air exclusively provides service through public charters. Due to this, each reservation must have an accepted TPA (Tour Participation Agreement) prior to travel. If you are not familiar with the details of the TPA, please CLICK HERE. There are a few ways you can accept this agreement.

1. You can accept the TPA by retrieving your existing reservation with your Last Name, Confirmation #, and DOB. Click here to return to the main page and click "Existing Reservation". Enter the required information to retrieve your booking.

2. You can also accept your TPA from your confirmation email received when your charter reservation was confirmed. 

3. If you DO NOT have an email on your charter reservations, we will send you a form to accept and return to us via USPS. However, it can take up to 7 business days for the form to arrive. 

4. If you are familiar with the TPA and have not already completed the signature page, please click on the link to the region you are traveling to, fill out the form in its entirety and send it to the address/email/fax located on the bottom of the form.To check the details of an existing reservation, click the Existing Reservation tab on the home page.  

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Airport Information

Do you have an upcoming flight and want your flight details including: departure dates, flights times and ticket counter or FBO locations?  Click Upcoming Flight Information in the site navigation.

We recommend you check at least 1-3 days before your departure date for the most up-to-date information (as some information could have changed since the day you booked). You will also receive a final flight confirmation email (if you have an email on your reservation) from the property with all the information you need for trip.

Existing Reservations

Already reserved your seats on one of our exclusive flights and need to check your flight details or modify your existing reservation? Click the Existing Reservation tab on the home page for more information.

Boarding Pass, Check-in & Security


  • You will be provided a Boarding Pass and luggage tag upon check-in at the Main Airport Terminal or Fixed Base Operator at the designated ticket counter in your confirmation email and/or welcome letter. We recommend that you arrive to the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time to allow plenty of time to get your ticket and through Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

TSA PreCheck

  • TSA PreCheck availability varies by airport and Caesars cannot guarantee these services will be offered or available at every airport.


Caesars Rewards Air operates out of two types of terminals: Main Airport Terminals and Private Fixed Base Operators.

  • Main Airport Terminals - Recommended CHECK-IN IS 2 HOURS prior to your flight departure. Ticket counter will not allow you to check-in less than 55 minutes prior to flight departure. Check-in is at the assigned ticket counter (reference your confirmation email or view here Upcoming Flight Information.
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO) – Recommended arrival is unique to your departing FBO. Check-in will take place via the flight attendant prior to boarding.

Security Information

Passengers are required to present a boarding pass as well as government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) at the primary security checkpoint. Visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website for more information regarding identification* requirements.

Flights originating from Canadian cities require a valid passport.

Please visit the TSA website for important updates to security screening* procedures.



Checked Baggage

  • Each guest is allowed one (1) checked bag not exceeding 50lbs. (62" Linear)
  • An additional bag is allowed for medical equipment, mobility equipment and sporting equipment - please notate in the flight preference box on the reservation (or let the agent who is booking for you know, so they can add the notes) so we can inform the airline ahead of the flight if you will be bringing any medical devices/mobility equipment/sporting equipment.

Sun Country bag dimensions & Weight Limit: Click here

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please place ALL medication that may be necessary both during and after your flight in your carry-on baggage.

Carry-on Baggage

  • Overhead bin space is extremely limited, but each guest is allowed (1) carry-on bag not exceeding 35lbs. and one (1) personal item that will fit underneath the seat in front of you is permitted.

Sun Country bag dimensions & Weight Limit: Click here

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please place ALL medication that may be necessary both during and after your flight in your carry-on baggage.

Restricted Items 

Delayed or Damaged Items FAQ:

My Bag Is Delayed
  • We do our best to make sure that your checked bag arrives safely with you at your destination. If your bag is delayed when traveling on Caesars Rewards Air, please click here. To help prevent your bag being delayed, make sure your first and last name are on the luggage tag.
  • If your bag is delayed being delivered to your room* or is missing, notify a property representative (the person who greeted you at the airport or the front desk). 

*Baggage delivery directly to your room varies by the property you are going to and/or the time you arrive (please refer to your confirmation email and/or welcome letter from the property).

My Bag Is Damaged
  • If your bag is damaged, the quicker you tell us, the quicker we can help. Please contact us by emailing within 24 hours of getting your bag. Please provide your name, dates of travel, where you travelled to and from, and a desription of the damage.
  • If you do not report the damage within these time limits, we will be released from any liability.
Damage from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Inspections
  • If your bag is inspected by the TSA, they’ll place a written notification inside your bag or a seal on the outside. As we are not liable for damages caused by TSA inspections, if you think the damage to your bag was caused by an inspection, please contact the TSA at 1-866-289-9673.
How can you reduce the risk of damage to your bag?
  • Never check a bag that doesn’t completely close. If you need a strap or cord to keep it closed, it probably won’t survive the trip.
  • Check your bag carefully in the baggage claims area before leaving the airport.
  • Never check a bag that should be carried on such as: briefcases, laptops and tote bags.
  • Don’t over-pack. This puts a strain on zippers, seams, frames and hinges.
  • Try to replace old or worn luggage as they may not withstand our automated baggage handling systems.
We will only be liable for damage to sports equipment if:
  • They are in a hard-sided case.
  • The outside of the case is visibly damaged.

Change and Cancellation Policy

Major Changes/Cancellation by Charter Participant

If you cancel your reservations, you will receive no refund, except under the limited circumstances set forth below. Cancellation charges are effective from the day that you advise us of your cancellation. You can cancel your Existing Booking by retrieving your reservation and following the prompts to cancel. 

  • You will be given a full refund if you cancel your reservation more than thirty* (30) days before departure
  • Cancellation less than thirty (30) days prior to flight departure date will result in $400 per reservation cancellation fee. This fee will be charged to the credit card received at the time of booking or on file with Charter Operator, deducted from any refund due or if a valid credit card is not available or does not have sufficient funds, Charter Operator reserves the right to deduct Total Rewards Credits from primary customers account.
  • You will be given a full refund, less a $25 per person service fee, if: (a) you provide a substitute charter participant for your reservation before canceling, provided, however, that charter participants who are complimentary guests of Charter Operator have no right of substitution, or (b) Charter Operator is able to resell your canceled reservation (as evidenced by a full manifest for the flight).
  • You will be given a full refund if you cancel because: (a) of a medical emergency (physician’s note must be provided); (b) you or your companion decease before the departure (your “companion” is the person who is your confirmed scheduled roommate during the tour); or (c) of the death of an immediate family member (death certificate or other evidence must be provided).
  • If you are a comped passenger you will be required to secure your reservation with a major credit card. Your credit card will be charged the amount of $400 per reservation for the trip only if you fail to appear and participate in the charter. By signing this agreement, you agree to have your credit card charged accordingly.
  • Any requests for a refund must be emailed or mailed to Caesars Entertainment by the individual who booked the reservation.   
    • Email: 
    • Mail: Caesars Entertainment, Attention: Caesars Rewards Air Refunds C/O Travel Management, 1 Caesars Palace Dr., Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Special Travel Needs / Passengers with Disabilites / Service Animals

Caesars often operates our charters out of smaller sized airports and there will be instances where passengers will need to climb 4-6 steps in order to board the aircraft. If you, or any one in your party will need assistance to climb the stairs onto the aircraft, please contact the Caesars Rewards Air team at for assistance to make sure we provide you with the correct options for you and your guest(s).

To view the U.S. Department of Transportation Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights please visit

Traveling with medical equipment? Please visit for current regulations on what can and cannot travel with you on the plane. Make sure to tell your reservation agent or notate on your booking details under room preferences and/or flight preferences section about any accommodations for the hotel and air travel necessary to make your trip an enjoyable experience.

Require wheelchair asisstance at the airport? - Please indicate during your booking the need for wheelchair service and who it is for and we will make sure it's notated on your reservations. We will also forward the information to our airline partner on your behalf.

Traveling with mobility equipment - The airline will make accommodations to load & offload your personal scooter/wheelchair/walker, etc. Leave your mobility device at the end of the jetbridge to be placed under the plane. It will be brought back up to the jetbridge for you to use when leaving the plane. Please indicate during your booking that you are bringing mobility equipment to the agent so they can notate / you can place these notes under the flight preferences section.

Need assistance to your seat? - Please notate on your booking details under flight preferences section or let the agent making your reservation know so they can notate this for you. We will forward the information to our airline partner on your behalf so they will have an aisle chair ready to transport you to your seat.

Renting a mobility scooter at the hotel - Most properties offer scooter rentals. You will need to check with the property you are going to and verify availability/make arrangements with the hotel. 

Traveling with a Service Animal? Please visit Sun Country's website for additional details regarding traveling with a service animals.

All guests traveling with a service dog must complete and submit the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form; attesting to the dog's health, behavior, and training at least 48 hours prior to departure. CLICK HERE: to fill out/submit the form online through the Open Doors Organization portal.

Any additional questions please contact the Caesars Rewards Air team at or call 1-866-986-1647 Mon- Fri 8AM-7PM CST. Make sure to tell your reservation agent or notate on your booking details under the flight preferences section about the weight/size of your service animal. 

Traveling with Pets

Traveling With Pets
  • At this time we do not allow pets on our flights. Service Animals are always welcome aboard our charters. For more information, see the above section Special Travel Needs / Passengers with Disabilities / Service Animals.