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Unlock A World Of Possibilities

The Caesars Rewards Gift Card can be used at nearly 50 Caesars Rewards resorts and casinos across the United States. You could go on a Las Vegas shopping spree, enjoy a weekend of downhill skiing in Lake Tahoe, pamper yourself with an Atlantic City spa weekend, enjoy a round of golf in Biloxi or experience Southern hospitality in Tunica. The choices are all yours.

How to Purchase

Caesars Rewards Gift Cards can be purchased at Caesars Rewards Centers (Using Reward Credits, $1/200 RCs) and at participating Retail locations at Caesars Rewards Destinations (Using Cash or Credit). Gift Card participating locations are subject to change. Please ask at the Caesars Rewards Center where the Caesars Rewards Gift Card can be purchased. Or, click the BUY NOW button to buy your Caesars Rewards Gift Card online.


The cost for a Caesars Rewards Gift card is $1.65, this will be charged to you upon checkout.  Upon check out, before your order is placed you will see a convenience charge; this is a pass through fee that is charged to process your transaction online via your credit card. The convenience fee is approximately 4.5% of your Caesars Rewards Gift Card load amount. For example for a Caesars Rewards Gift Card loaded with $100 there will be a $4.50 convenience added to the total.


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