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Effective October 8, 2019, all Associated Accounts will be separated and no longer offered.  Therefore, no related benefits of Associated Accounts will be available, such as the ability to use the Associated partner’s Reward Credits® or receiving offers based on your combined play.

What were Associated Accounts?

Associated Accounts were available to married or domestic partners that shared the same address.  With Associated Accounts, each member earned their own Reward Credits and Tier Score individually.  However, when making purchases with Reward Credits, if one member’s balance ran out, the system would automatically pull the additional Reward Credits needed from the Associated Account.  At times, members with Associated Accounts might have also received offers based on their combined play.  The benefits of Associated Accounts was only available at Caesars Rewards® destinations located in Nevada or Southern California.

How did I get an Associated Account?

You either requested your accounts to be associated at a Caesars Rewards (formerly Total Rewards) Center in Nevada or Southern California, or you previously had a Joint Account that automatically got converted to an Associated Account in 2006 or 2007.

What will happen to my Tier Score / Tier Status?

Nothing!  Because you were earning Tier Credits individually towards your own account, your Tier Score will not be affected.  You will continue to earn Tier Credits the same way you do today.  The Tier Credits you earn in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) will still determine your Tier Status for that year and the following year.  Tier Credits will always reset to 0 on January 1 since Tier Status must be earned each year to maintain your status for the following year.

What will happen to my Reward Credits?

Nothing will change regarding how you earn Reward Credits or when they expire.  As long as you earn at least one (1) Reward Credit every six (6) months, your Reward Credit balance will not expire.  You will continue to keep and maintain your own Reward Credit balance, as your Associated partner will no longer be able to “dip into” your balance if they don’t have enough Reward Credits to cover their purchase.

What will happen to my Great Gift Wrap Up Points?

Nothing will change regarding how you earn Great Gift Wrap Up Points or when they expire. However, your Associated partner will no longer be able to redeem your balance during the Great Gift Wrap Up events in Las Vegas without you being present.  You may still transfer your Great Gift Wrap Up Points to any Caesars Rewards member, but all members must be present to sign the authorization form with a maximum of three members per transaction.