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Caesars Rewards® 2X Tier CreditMultiplier

Terms and Conditions


1. The Caesars Rewards® 2X Tier Credit Multiplier Promotion (the “Promotion”) is open to all Caesars Rewards members (“Participants”) who remain in good standing during the entire duration of the Promotion Period. Promotion is subject to the Caesars Rewards Rules and Regulations (, which are incorporated herein by this reference.

2. The promotion period (“Promotion Period”) is 12:00 a.m. PT on Saturday, February 1, 2020 through 11:59 p.m. PT on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

3. As used herein, “Caesars” means Caesars Enterprise Services, LLC and “Casino” means any Caesars Rewards casino in the United States participating in this Promotion.

4. To be eligible to participate in this Promotion, Participants must:

a. Be a verified Caesars Rewards member (membership is free, and Participants can join at any Caesars Rewards Center, online at, or via the Caesars Rewards mobile app);

b. Have a valid email address on file; and

c. Be registered to receive marketing communications no later than Saturday, February 1, 2020.

5. Participants who have a valid email address will be sent an email on or about Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from which they must click the “REGISTER” button in order to be eligible to participate in this Promotion.

6. Multiple Participants may not use the same email address or Caesars Rewards account in connection with this Promotion. In the event more than one (1) Participant provides the same email address when registering, only the first Participant to register will be eligible for this Promotion.

7. After registering for the Promotion, Participants will receive a 2X Tier Credit Multiplier on all Tier Credits earned during the Promotion Period.

8. Maximum Bonus per Participant’s account is 25,000 Tier Credits. For example, for a Participant to receive the highest maximum Tier Credit Bonus, they would need to earn 12,500 Tier Credits. Participant would then receive an additional 12,500 Tier Credits as their Bonus, for a total of 25,000 Tier Credits.

9. The Tier Credits awarded pursuant to this Promotion will be added to Participant’s account no later than Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

10. Participants will have their Tier Credits tracked for this Promotion using ratings from their Caesars Rewards card.

11. Tier Credits can be earned by using a Caesars Rewards card when playing slots, video poker or table games. Tier Credits can also be earned for spending at qualified shops and restaurants. For more details about qualified Tier Credit earning, visit a Caesars Rewards Center or It is the Participant’s responsibility to make certain their Tier Credit earnings are being tracked correctly. The determination of Casino shall be final with respect to any discrepancies regarding tracked Tier Credit earnings.

12. All credits received by Participant through this Promotion will be Tier Credits only.

13. Daily Tier Credit Bonuses, Promotional Tier Credit Bonuses and adjusted Tier Credits do not count towards earning for this Promotion.

14. Tier Credit Bonuses earned pursuant to this Promotion do not count toward Reward Credit balance, promotional Tier Credit earnings or qualify for a Daily Tier Credit Bonus.

15. If multiple Tier Credit Multipliers are occurring on the same day, Participants will receive the higher value Multiplier.

16. This Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including gaming, and all aspects of the Promotion are subject to the approval of appropriate regulatory authorities, if required. Promotion void where prohibited by law.

17. Holders of any Gaming Control Commission key license are not eligible to participate.

18. Individuals who are prohibited from casino gaming or from entering a casino hotel by law or for any other reason, including, without limitation, participation in a self-exclusion program, are not eligible.

19. Employees of Caesars and its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, and any of their owned, operated or managed properties, including the Casinos (collectively, the “Caesars Parties”), and Immediate Family members of such employees are not eligible for the Promotion, unless approved in advance by Caesars. Immediate Family is defined as: mother, father, spouse, brother, sister, children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, step-parents, step-children, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren and any relative or other person residing in the employee’s place of residence.

20. Promotion is non-transferrable.

21. By accepting the Promotion, Participants agree to comply with all terms and conditions contained herein.

22. Caesars and Casino are not responsible for (a) injuries or losses arising or resulting from this Promotion, (b) any acts or omissions by employees, whether negligent or willful, in the conduct of the Promotion, and (c) any equipment or software malfunctions.

23. Caesars may impose penalties upon any person who gives, makes, issues, authorizes or endorses any statement or action having, or designed to have, an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of the Promotion as determined by Caesars, acting in its sole and absolute discretion. This may include, without limitation, expulsion from any or all Casino properties and/or loss of the right to participate in this or any other promotion conducted by Caesars and/or the Casinos.

24. All decisions regarding the interpretation of the Promotion term and conditions, eligibility, scheduling and staging of the Promotion, and penalties for misconduct lie solely with Caesars, whose decisions are final.

25. Where a situation arises, which is not covered by these Terms and Conditions, Caesars or the applicable Casino shall have the authority to render a judgment, including the imposition of a penalty, in accordance with the best interests of the Promotion and the maintenance of its integrity and public confidence.

26. Caesars Enterprise Services, LLC and/or any affiliated entity reserves the right to modify or cancel this Promotion at any time, for any reason, subject to any applicable regulatory approval.