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Bonus Points

Earn Bonus Gift Points based on your Free Gift Points.


September 7-13 & September 21-23, 2020

sept bonus points
Valid Dates: October 1-4 & October 5-7, 2020
bonus point hurdles

*Guaranteed Free Gift Points are based on play. Visit to see if you qualify for this promotion.

Receive Year End Bonus Points

Receive extra Great Gift Wrap Up Points every time you participate in any Great Gift Wrap Up Booster Event in Las Vegas in 2020. You must visit the Caesars Rewards® Center or one of our Caesars Rewards Kiosks in order to activate during event dates. 


Events Attended Additional Points
2 Events 25,000 Points
3 Events 50,000 Points
4 Events75,000 Points
5 Events100,000 Points
6 Events125,000 Points
7 Events150,000 Points
8 Events175,000 Points

Earn and redeem Reward Credits® at nearly 40 resorts and casinos around the world.