Planet Dailies

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You're in Vegas, so we get you're going to party like a rock star. We also get that you'll have 3 a.m. munchies. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Dailies offers your favorite café food 'round the clock. Stop by Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and treat your appetite to these rich, comforting flavors. The free Wi-Fi is also a plus.


The casual, 24-hour Las Vegas restaurant is far from your average coffee shop. To get an idea just how many menu items there are, imagine all the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That about sums it up!

A-list dishes include everything like filet mignon benedict, chicken and waffles, Asian dishes, deli sandwiches, Kobe burgers and the island favorite, Loco Moco – an Angus beef hamburger patty and two eggs, served white rice and slathered with brown gravy. You can also enjoy breakfast whenever you want. Decisions, decisions.

This Las Vegas restaurant also offers daily specials, like never-ending pasta bowls. Wash your food down with a sweet and tasty Oreo shake.


  • Breakfast available around the clock
  • Take advantage of free Wi-Fi
  • Choose extravagant breakfast options like filet mignon or lobster benedict
  • Never-ending pasta bowl specials
  • Don't miss the array of sweets like waffles, pancakes and milkshakes

"Putting the average coffee shop to shame, Planet Dailies serves up a diverse menu of satisfying food 24 hours per day."

— Las Vegas Weekly

"Planet Dailies is the place for meals 24/7. Whatever the hour, whatever your desire, Planet Dailies can satisfy any taste. The breakfast specialties are super: Filet mignon Benedict, anyone?"