Tim Stanley added, “As players advance through the dynamic Star Trek storyline, they can save their progress through the game and pick up where they left off during their next visit, regardless of which Star Trek gaming machine in a Total Rewards enabled casino they visit.  Additionally, by using Total Rewards to enable their personalized Star Trek account and ‘avatar,’ they can transport their previous play status from non-Harrah’s based Star Trek games, earn ‘Bonus’ achievement medals for their Harrah’s play, and get access to new games, unique communications and special promotions and offers as part of our innovative introduction of this new capability.”
properties in North America, our players will be able to enjoy these unique and entertaining episodic experiences at any Harrah’s casino they visit that features these unique Star Trek games on the casino floor,” concluded Tim Stanley.

According to Orrin J. Edidin, president of WMS, “This agreement demonstrates WMS’ ability to offer innovative and differentiated gaming products that support our customers’ strategic initiatives, including their patron loyalty programs. As one of the industry’s leading casino operators and forward-thinking technology companies, Harrah’s is at the forefront of offering its patrons a unique and personalized gaming experience. Working with the innovative team at Harrah’s, we’ve created a customized Total Rewards, player-appealing experience enabled by WMS’ advanced technology and pool of intellectual property. Collectively, we believe these features will enhance players’ gaming experience, resulting in strong performance and longevity of the game for casino customers. Additionally, this enablement facilitates opportunities to collaboratively leverage other WMS networked gaming solutions and future products to benefit Total Rewards play.”

“Our casino customers recognize WMS’ ability to offer imaginative gaming products, and our strong commitment to interoperability in a networked gaming environment. This is yet another example of our development strategies focused on creating new gaming technology platforms combined with exciting gaming content to produce player-appealing, high-earning gaming products for our customers,” concluded Orrin Edidin.