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1 Winner: Choice of 1 million Reward Credits or Seven Stars status upgrade

Linda AZSeven Stars Status 

10 Winners: 100,000 Reward Credits

MarquisCA100,000 Reward Credits 
DianaTX100,000 Reward Credits 
MarybethOH100,000 Reward Credits 
KarenTX100,000 Reward Credits 
MarybethMO100,000 Reward Credits 
MichaelNC100,000 Reward Credits 
JeffreyCA100,000 Reward Credits 
JanetNC100,000 Reward Credits 
RobertMO100,000 Reward Credits 
MarkCA100,000 Reward Credits 

50 Winners: Choice of 10,000 Reward Credits or Diamond Status upgrade

TracyCA10,000 Reward Credits
GingerFL10,000 Reward Credits 
DianeIL10,000 Reward Credits
CassandraCADiamond Status Upgrade
KimberlyONDiamond Status Upgrade
KirkTNDiamond Status Upgrade
BryanMADiamond Status Upgrade
TravisCADiamond Status Upgrade
Randy BCDiamond Status Upgrade
Vincent OH 10,000 Reward Credits
BreannaCADiamond Status Upgrade
AudraAZ10,000 Reward Credits
DavidDEDiamond Status Upgrade
LawrenceMS10,000 Reward Credits
JoannGA10,000 Reward Credits
MarkFLDiamond Status Upgrade
ChristineCA10,000 Reward Credits
JacobFL10,000 Reward Credits
LindaAZ10,000 Reward Credits
LindaNJ10,000 Reward Credits
JosephNJ10,000 Reward Credits
JasonNY10,000 Reward Credits
MirjanaCO10,000 Reward Credits
DianaKS10,000 Reward Credits
DarrellCADiamond Status Upgrade
Jeffrey NE10,000 Reward Credits 
WilliamMODiamond Status Upgrade 
JohnMIDiamond Status Upgrade 
NedraTX10,000 Reward Credits  
RyanCADiamond Status Upgrade  
JimmieTXDiamond Status Upgrade  
Laura AZ10,000 Reward Credits
GeorgeGADiamond Status Upgrade
AhmedNJ10,000 Reward Credits
ReginaSCDiamond Status Upgrade
PatrickNJ10,000 Reward Credits 
JefferyNY10,000 Reward Credits 
SadikNC10,000 Reward Credits 
ArmenCADiamond Status Upgrade
JackWI10,000 Reward Credits  
GudrunWI10,000 Reward Credits  
RobertPA10,000 Reward Credits  
DavidTX10,000 Reward Credits  
HuyCA10,000 Reward Credits  
JulianNJDiamond Status Upgrade
RosemarieNV10,000 Reward Credits  
KristinVADiamond Status Upgrade
Brian ON-CAN 10,000 Reward Credits  
Ernest MIDiamond Status Upgrade
LisaBC-CAN 10,000 Reward Credits