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turning stone

Caesars Rewards + Turning Stone Resort Casino

Caesars Rewards teamed up with Turning Stone Resort Casino, a premier destination resort in Upstate New York, so you can enjoy more rewards and benefits at their resort and casino. Experience world-class amenities including four hotels, two luxurious spas, five golf courses, and more than twenty dining options with them.

Simply link your Caesars Rewards account to a TS Rewards Card account to match your status. Platinum and Diamond members will be matched to the same level in TS Rewards Card. So if you're a Platinum member with us, you will be matched to Onyx and Diamond members will be matched to Sapphire in TS Rewards Card. 

TS Rewards Card Onyx and Sapphire members will also be able to match their status in Caesars Rewards. 

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Log in to your Caesars Rewards account and enter your TS Rewards Card number to match your status. 

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Get the best of both programs. Transfers your Reward Credits to TS Rewards Card points and vice versa.

Currency Conversion:

    2,000 Reward Credits = 1,000 TS Rewards points

    2,000 TS Rewards points = 1,000 Reward Credits

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Disclaimer: Guests who receive a tier match to Ruby, Onyx, or Sapphire VIP card status will remain at that level for the duration of the six month program period, which renews on March 1st and September 1st. After the renewal period, card level will be determined by the level of Turning Stone play. Certain card level benefits, including complimentary hotel rooms and VIP lounge access will be subject to availability and qualifying Turning Stone casino play.